Survivor: David vs. Goliath Bonus Content Roundup – Week 12

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: King Kong vs. Godzilla.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“It’s Like National Geographic Or Something”

As a part of their reward, Nick, Kara, and Davie took a helicopter ride over the beautiful islands of Fiji. Or so we’re told; most of the clip is Davie in confessional or an interior shot of the helicopter. Thank you, next.

This Week In Confessionals

“I’m, For The First Time In 35 Days, Legitimately Pissed”

Look, I’m a simple man of simple pleasures. I see Angelina, I click. And it’s Angelina after not being picked for a reward and she has a chance to talk about the rice? My words won’t do it justice, and I will tarry no further. Just watch the clip.

”Eye-rolls, Eye-rolls, Eye-rolls”

It’s a slow week for confessionals, so we’re lumping together two clips from Alison here. In the first one, Alison lists Mike, Angelina, and Kara as the people she would most like to sit next to at FTC (which makes sense when you consider that Christian, Davie, and Nick are the people she’s excluding here). Alison brushes past Mike, shades Angelina and her challenge-prowess (or lack thereof by Alison’s estimation), and says that Kara’s game has not been flashy. However, Alison notes, Kara could win if the jury is bitter as she is well-liked by most of the cast.

In her second clip, Alison lists the reasons that Davie’s target is growing.

(1) His selections of Nick and Kara won him no allies; at least, none that he didn’t already have. According to Alison, the perception of a strong Davie-Nick duo and a Davie-Kara alliance was present before and confirmed after this reward.

(2) Davie has been racking up challenge wins lately, and he might overtake Alison as the perceived challenge threat still in the game.

(3) His challenge wins, combined with his moves at Tribal, have boosted his profile to the point where he might be Public Enemy No. 1 once Christian is off of the board.

(and as an aside, Alison always seems like she has Capital-H Capital-AD IT with Angelina, and I cannot wait to see how that plays out at FTC, no matter the dynamic)

“I’m Playing To Win”

Playing to win? Funny way of showing it.

From the first confessional, Mike’s plan is to get in the good graces of everyone left so that he doesn’t have to make fire at F4 to get to FTC. The funny part here is that Mike is then presumably ruling out the possibility of winning immunity at F4 (and in another confessional, Mike chalks his immunity win this week as due to his “not running cold,” as opposed to skill or coordination or something).

But from the second, Mike admits that most (all?) of his competition see him as a goat. Which, frankly, isn’t helped by the fact that he thinks he needs to be brought to the end in order to make it to the end. But Mike plans to use his skills as a writer to spin a narrative at FTC that will help him win it all once he is able to address the jury directly.

Except that it doesn’t work like that, does it? Has a stellar FTC ever changed a juror’s mind before? There are typically two ways that FTC performances influence voting. The first is the Amanda Kimmel. The second is where a juror is deciding between two players heading into FTC and the actual Tribal leads them to fall firmly in one of the two camps. But if you’re seen as a goat, particularly a goat sitting next to a player the jury was rooting for, there typically isn’t anything you can do at FTC to bring your game back from the brink. You’d need to be sitting next to someone extremely unlikeable plus an even bigger goat, and unfortunately for Mike, there’s only one Angelina in the game.

This Week At Ponderosa

“Professor Hubicki”

I have exactly one complaint about this Ponderosa and it is that Christian’s music came too close to the Dodo Music.

Other than that, we get Christian filibustering Dr. Joe about filibustering Jeff; the Gabby & Christian reunion; Christian ordering five whole dishes and eating all of them himself; everyone at Ponderosa talking about the Legend of Christian in confessional as a response to that; and Christian’s Survivor lecture at the end. Add this to the 6-hour challenge as “Footage The Fans Need To See But Never Will.” I also have a hunch that Christian is misusing the term “variance” here, but I’d attend this lecture nonetheless. Christian is a compelling player who was liked by almost all of his competition; that much is apparent just from this Ponderosa. I have no doubts that he will return some day; I just hope this rising star isn’t Yau-Man’ed when that happens.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you can’t think of a caption, but did you really think I wouldn’t include this gif?

When your mom takes the cookies out of the oven and you just want to grab one but she tells you not to touch them because they need to cool.

When you ask, “where’s all the bonus content this week?” and I say