Survivor: David vs. Goliath Bonus Content Roundup – Week 3

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Kramer vs. Kramer.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“That Coat Would Be A Game Changer”

Something something Natalie’s coat was more of a Game Changer than FFGCSDT.

You can see how this Secret Scene might be used to in an overarching narrative that builds up to Jeremy’s boot. He’s butting heads with Natalie; his paranoia leads him to pull a Garrett Adelstein; he reveals himself to be a person who would go through other tribemates’ things. Before the disastrous performance at Tribal, we would see this scene, where his bedside manners are … subpar. It’d be a crescendo of crassitude, cresting with a cringe-inducing car crash of a Council. So as much as you might have been drawn in by Jeremy’s charm (within the context of the broadcast; extratextually … woof), the story here is of a player whose social game wasn’t enough to save him from a self-sabotaging strategic game.

Though maybe it’s standard Survivor practice to ask people to leave them things. I mean, Jessica left everything she had back at camp for her tribemates.

This Week In Confessionals

“I Tend to Get Emotional”

I’m going to try to not belittle displays of emotion, but uh … Carl’s been crying a lot. He cried after losing Jessica in this episode; he cried about losing Pat last week; he’s crying here in this clip. Which gives him more depth than the grizzled trucker persona we were presented in the intros. But I want to see if this depth goes beyond “cries a lot.” Is this something that he’ll use as fuel in playing the game? At this point, I don’t think Carl has what it takes to win, but I’ll be interested to see where he goes from here.

“Tribe Personalities”

I’m including clips from each of the women in the female Goliaths alliance (Girl-iaths?), and so here’s Natalia’s. How do I know this is Natalia? Well, she starts the clip bad-mouthing Natalie, which is a dead giveaway that it’s Natalia. Also, I actually don’t find it that hard to distinguish between Natalia, Angelina, and Alison. But if you really can’t tell them apart and want a tip: Natalia has a ponytail, and Angelina has braided pigtails. I couldn’t tell you how Alison wears her hair because she hasn’t been seen since the first twenty minutes of the season.

Anyway, back to the clip. Natalia’s confessional (along with Alec’s and John’s) seems to indicate that Jeremy was going to be the boot all along. Which most of us had a sense of about halfway through the episode, but the extras this week really show how much the edit was spinning Natalia’s hate of Natalie to produce some narrative tension.

Along the way, Natalia is already talking about how she’s viewing Angelina and Kara (the people with whom she’s most closely allied) as threats she wouldn’t want to sit next to at FTC. It’s wonderful to keep these things in mind, but uh, is it really that time in the game?

“It’s Really Not That Time”

This clip is a great example of how Jeremy’s charm masks the flaws in his game. He gives this explanation of why he confronted his tribemates and how he could use that to shut down talk of voting him out, and for a split second, you think, “I know this should be incorrect, but he makes a surprisingly convincing argument.” And then you remember that when you pull something like this, your opponents don’t even need to talk anymore. Everyone’s first thought is that you’re next to go. It truly makes no sense to antagonize people who you think are putting together a plan to vote you out. I don’t know that this was the particular thing that tipped the scales in Natalie’s favor, but it certainly didn’t help.

And if you want one more Jeremy clip for the road, here’s the video to go with the voiceover from the beginning of this episode.

“Dan Is An Asset for Me”

I don’t have much to say about this clip, but I have to ask: is there a reason this is continually being mentioned? I can literally figuratively see the producer prompting this discussion right before the clip begins, but why is this the part of the confessional that makes the cut? Does the Kara/Dan thing affect the game later down the line? This just seems like a weird thing to be a part of the bonus content considering that this thread wasn’t included at all in the episode proper.

“I Feel Like Tai”

HIS NAME WAS MARK. Sorry, that was a response to referring to Mark as “The Chickens.” Or maybe she was referring to half of the cast of Game Changers. Hmm. Well, this clip is really just all about how Angelina (notice the pigtails) is a vegetarian and isn’t comfortable killing animals, even when she’s starving. At least, not yet anyway; she’s open to eating a cheeseburger if her tribe wins a reward. So what’s next? HUMAN FLESH?!?

The deep read of this clip in juxtaposition to a lack of evidence of this trait in the main edit thus far could be (1) Angelina does not go to the end like Tai, thus limiting any reason to make the comparison; (2) Angelina eats meat in the future, rendering this discussion moot; or (3) it’s not important and doesn’t really matter, so it got pushed aside for more important things. And if in the future you ask me why I didn’t include a particular bonus clip, I will redirect you back to (3).

“When I Lose, I Don’t Really Lose”

“What I won today in that loss is to challenge the loyalty of my tribe to me.”

What a gem of a line. I could break it down and pick it apart, but like a good dough, I don’t want to overwork it. So just take that line and savor it.

There are other great bits here: the oil and water metaphor for her and Jeremy, which we’ve heard before but is expanded on here; when Natalie calls herself an underdog, even though sHe’S a GoLiAtH; and this last bit to close out the confessional:

I tend to like to be more in control. What’s interesting about today in this moment is that I am not in control. That is unique. Because no matter how you slice it, at some point, I’m gonna get a piece of that control, and I’m gonna be driving. So if I win tonight, then I have actually had some control, isn’t that right?

No. It isn’t.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you’re told that Cambodia is a bad season.

When you’re trying to up-sell a customer at the MAC counter.