Survivor: Game Changers Fantasy League Purple Rock Staff Draft

Fantasy Survivor is a major feature of the Purple Rock Podcast, home to two different kinds of games: one where 8-10 players draft a team of two players, and another where hundreds of you select four players to be your team. But for this upcoming season, we’re trying something new. I suppose you could say that we’re…altering the contest.

The issue with the Champions/Outcasts version of the game is that two player teams are too small to make the team aspect as important. While our scoring system has- especially recently- had winning teams that don’t feature the winner of the season, for the most part the name of the game is drafting the winner. The issue with the pick-4 game is that it doesn’t give the exclusive ownership feeling that a draft-based game does (thus, when a certain player does well, they do well for dozens of teams).

So we thought we’d try a combo of both: a draft-based league, with four players per team. Thus, the PRP staff fantasy league. Five teams, four rounds, 20 players.

I suppose the next question is, “Why would I want to read about someone else’s fantasy team?” The answers there are simple: 1) reading about drafts is standard fantasy preseason content for fantasy sports sites, and 2) there’s nothing stopping the lot of you from setting up your own five-team draft leagues.

What to Do

Making your own league should be simple:

  1. Arrange yourselves into groups of five, with one person in charge of setting up the draft order and compiling your scores on a weekly basis.
  2. Find an online place to do a draft: email, Twitter DM, Slack, or the comments here (just please keep it to this post).
  3. Enter your teams here.
  4. John posts the individual players’ scores each week, so you won’t have to compile them. You’ll just have to add them up for each team in your league. (Editor’s note: Maybe. I’m working on making this even easier. See the comments section for details. -John)
  5. Trash talk each other throughout the season in comments.

The Draft

So that’s what we’re doing and how to do it. Here’s how our staff draft went (held live on Slack on Thursday night for optimal banter):

Andy: Alright, I’m about to generate the draft order. (Done via

John: Fuck.

We’re snaking this, right?

Matt: YUP

Emma: Hell yeah.


John: Double fuck.


(We know because we planned for it via DM).

John: Yes. You’re gonna Roswulf me.


Emma: Blessed be the randomizer.

Andy: I swear I played it honest.

Matt: I don’t even care if it is true it is too perfect.

John: I’d respect it even if it was rigged.

Anyway, I’m taking Malcolm #1. I just don’t see a scenario where he’s one of the first boots, and once he’s had time to make some social connections he should be good to go far. I think they’d be idiots to let him near FTC, but I can see him going deep.

First overall pick to John

Andy: That’s who I wanted.

Emma: Damn, me too.

Matt: He was #1 on my board too.

Emma: Bitches love Malcolm.

John: That’s what you get for sticking me with… someone.

Emma: Alright, I’m going with JT. I think people might underestimate him, especially with the gained weight, but he’s farm strong and still plenty charming. He’s also the closest thing to Malcolm, not Ozzy.

Second overall pick to Emma

Andy: I probably had him ranked too low, since it DOES seem like people are underestimating him.

Matt: Solid choice, number 3 on my personal board because I think he is being slept on by everyone in the cast who have no idea how damn charming he is.

John: Phrasing!

It also helps that he looked so bad on HvV.

Andy: Yeah, I think he was slept in the preseason of the last all-star season, ifyouknowwhatimean.

Emma: The fact that he and Cirie seem open to working with each other seems like a good sign to me.

Matt: He looked bad on HvV and he looks out of shape now. Both things will lead people to think he is over the hill and they will forget that he won because that motherfucker is a charming SOB.



Emma: None of that Caleb gym-muscle shit

John: We should start preparing our condolences for Fishbach for when JT gets voted out.

Andy: I’m taking Ozzy at number three, to show just how different our staff draft will be from the drafts among our readers. All alphas, baby!

Ultimately, I just don’t see why a tribe would get rid of Ozzy early. He’s just too darn useful.

Third overall pick to Andy

Emma: To paraphrase Malcolm, you don’t get rid of Dolphin Boy early.

Matt: Here is the thing about Ozzy: I doubt he wins but he is so high upside because he could win a lot of team immunity and some individual immunity. I feel that you almost have to throw the last pre-merge challenge just to get rid of him. But there is no other perfect time to do so.

Andy: He feeds you by fishing, and by helping you win rewards. Early rewards are a big deal, since they often include fishing supplies and tarps.

Mark: Unless there’s RI.

Andy: The one worry? Dude also packed on the pounds.

Matt: Nothing would make me happier than seeing Ozzy suddenly suck in challenges. That would be the greatest schadenfreude imaginable

John: But Rob came in with padding for RI, and it helped him. It’ll be burned off within 2 weeks.

Matt: Yeah but if Ozzy isn’t immediately dominating in challenges, why would you keep him around at all?

Andy: I’m guessing they’re gonna do the same “swim out to this bag of rice” thing from Cambodia. It’d be hilarious if Ozzy biffs it.

John: If this is Superman in a Fat Suit 2.0, I am here for that shit.

Emma: That would be amazing.

Mark: There’s a Cambodia boat + reward thing.

Andy: Right. No confirmation if it’s exactly the same.

John: There’s something you can swim to. And if Ozzy tries and loses, that’s a bad omen.

Matt: I can see some of these people trying that and biffing it.

Emma: Joe couldn’t do it.

Andy: He almost reeled in Wiglesworth. Then Woo finished it.

Emma: I think Wigles was more important by pressuring Joe to jump in too early, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Matt: I’m taking Andrea. I know everyone here knows that I love Andrea, but I look at her game in Caramoan and I see someone who very quickly was in tight with a lot of people and worked her way into the inner circle. She can also win a few key immunities which could provide points. And no one is targeting her. No one. She is an athletic woman, who has a good social game with no hype about her, who has shown she can play. Remember when she kept Malcolm from getting his idol? I really think she can win this game.

I assume you all knew this was coming.

Fourth overall pick to Matt

Emma: Matt and Andrea sitting in a tree…

Matt: I wish!

Andy: I had her as a first rounder. Fourth overall.

John: I had Andrea #2 on my board. (I feel like Mel Kiper.) Andrea is what Sierra wishes she was.

Matt: John I had her as my #2 too (everybody taken so far is in my top 5)

Andy: And despite her being one of the better players in Caramoan, it seems like almost no one remembers her.

Matt: I think she was the second best player in Caramoan.

Andy: Depends on how you rate Dawn. Dawn had the best moves, but they also prevented her from winning.

John: How dare you disrespect Sherri!

Emma: Yeah, Michaela just referred to her as the shorter blind girl.

Mark: Blind girl?

Emma: DAMMIT. Blonde.

Matt: Classic Emma with the mistyping

Emma: I know the best words.

Mark: Andrea apparently has no vision.

Matt: Michaela saw her bumping into stuff all over Ponderosa.

John: She’s gonna Stevie Wonder it, though.

Matt: That man ain’t blind!

Andy: Alright, Mark gets back to back picks. I have a feeling he’s gonna approach this differently from the rest of us. Because he tends to.

Mark: I’m taking Sarah for a lot of the same reasons Matt picked Andrea. She won’t have a target on her back, was decent at pre-merge challenges, there’s no Kass around this time, and hopefully she’s learned from her social game. While all the winners take each other out, the mid- and low-tier players will thrive. Kinda like the GOP primaries.

Fifth overall pick to Mark

Emma: Can we put a moratorium on election metaphors? I was in such a good mood…

Mark: I didn’t say the T word!

John: I can’t read Sarah’s name without saying it in Tony’s voice.

Andy: I agree that she could skate by, I’m just not sure what that buys you.

Emma: VTEP for days.

Mark: Buys me suprise. She could win immunities against a Sierra and a Sandra and a Varner.

John: If that’s the post merge group, sure.

First round
# Pick Team
1 Malcolm John
2 JT Emma
3 Ozzy Andy
4 Andrea Matt
5 Sarah Mark

Mark: Speaking of. For my other pick, that’s where I can indulge. Varner is smart, and I think he’s learned to keep his mouth shut when producers aren’t around. As long as he proves decent in challenges…again, the winners will take each other out. Dude can make jury easily, and his social game can weave him into the majority for votes. Plus he’s hella entertaining. And if Tony goes early…

Sixth overall pick to Mark

Matt: This might seem shocking, but I actually agree on Varner.

Andy: I like this one. I had him sixth. I actually think he can win. It sounds like he’s in the best shape he’s been in years.

Matt: His best shape still might be bad enough that he is a giant liability, but if he is just good enough to not be a huge liability I think he has learned from his Second Chance and I think he can do really, really well.

Emma: Not that I disagree, but lol on “dude can make jury easily.” Poor Varner. I actually think he can (and really hope he does). It’s just funny since he hasn’t in his previous two times.

Mark: Third time’s the charm…

Mark: To be fair, his first time he got screwed by parlimentary measures. The second time was an overcorrection. Plus Abi.

Andy: Is giant less than huge, Matt?

Matt: Yes

Andy: I don’t go to Starbucks enough to understand weird size names.

Matt: It goes gargantuan > huge > humongous > giant > big.

Emma: So when you said you had a giant di… never mind.

Matt: Dammit I played myself.

John: My concern with Varner is that I’ve never seen his post merge game, I don’t know how he’d do with idols, and I’m not sure if others will trust him.

Matt: Quibbles

John: Oh, I’m not saying it’s a bad pick. I’m just saying those were the things that made me worry about picking him. There are things that make me worry about everyone in this cast.

Mark: More than they trust Sandra? Or Ciera? Or Tony?

Matt: Speaking of which…

I’m taking Tony. Yes he has a huge target on his back, but do you really think Tony doesn’t find an idol? Even in the worst case scenario he has three days to do so and the man does not sleep. One idol opens all the doors and Tony goes nuts. He won’t win again, but he can earn some idol points.

Seventh overall pick to Matt

John: Shit. I never should have shared my Tony theory with you.

Matt: You shouldn’t have.

Andy: I’m a little glad Matt took the Tony decision away from me. I’m not sure I want two high risk/high reward players in my first two picks. But I also couldn’t NOT draft him.

Matt: I literally have Ozzy and Tony back to back in a tier I labeled “high risk/high reward”. So yeah, I get it.

Emma: I did not put as much thought into this as you.

Andy: Emma will win.

Matt: Nah, Mark has this in the bag.

John: I was hoping Tony would come back around to me. I was willing to take the risk.

Emma: Oh my god, I was typing up my pick, totally forgot it was Andy’s turn. That could have blown up in my face.

Matt: Good save there

Andy: I’m struggling here.

Matt: Obviously you trade back

Emma: There’s trading?

Matt: No I was just making a drafting joke. But I mean I guess there could be.

John: There’s trading.

Mark: I’ve been waiting for the Survivor TCG.

Andy: Alright, I’ll take a minute to further explain my Ozzy pick now that giving the strategy away doesn’t matter: in a four round draft, unlike a two round draft, you don’t need to grab the winner in the first round. There’s multiple opportunities. So in the usual two round draft, everyone spends the first round going after those average players that could win and avoids the big targets that usually don’t. But I didn’t care about that, I went after challenge points.

My plan was to try to grab the winner in the second. But I’m not sure he/she is still out there.

Fuck it. I’m going for a sleeper in this round: Hali.

Eight overall pick to Andy

Emma: She was one of my two main options for my next pick, so that makes it a little easier on me.

Matt: Deep pull from Andy!

Mark: Phrasing.

Andy: It can be two things, Mark.

Emma: Oh, Andy would love a deep pull from Hali.


Mark: She was…fine.

John: I have so many thoughts about Hali! (I have no thoughts about Hali.)

Emma: Andy and Hali sitting in a tree…


Matt: I mean she is no Andrea.

Andy: She’s prettier.

Matt: She isn’t.

Mark: I’d have rather seen Jenn Brown.

John: Concur.

Emma: Y’all get all the good eye candy. Ozzy didn’t even have the decency to get a haircut for the female gaze.

Andy: Seriously, the only out-and-out eye candy for people into dudes is Caleb. Who isn’t really eye candy if that isn’t your type.

Emma: Ugh, no thank you.

Andy: Oh, wait… Malcolm. Duh.

Emma: Who also needs a shave and a haircut.

John: If you enjoy horrendous facial hair, Malcolm is your guy.

Emma: But he has enough charisma to smooth that over.

Matt: So not going to explain Hali? Just gonna let that one sit there?

Andy: I believe I already did.

Matt: Because she is pretty?

Mark: He should put as much thought into her as the show did.

Andy: She’s the average non-target that could emerge as a winner that I’m taking a stab on.

John: Yeah, it’s that she will exist. And she’s mediocre, and therefore could go far and potentially win.

Matt: Okay, fine

Andy: This is the pick where people take swings at Kelley Wentworth or Michele and hope they win while letting Joe or Tony fall to the second round. (Of course, some of that could be that our people have a type).

Mark: She doesn’t need to be carried, bro.

Emma: So this could definitely blow up in my face, but I’m going with Aubry. I’m really hoping her losing in FTC will soften the threat level, but considering the narrative is that she should have won, it’s a risk. Debbie is after her, but people are going to think Debbie is weird so that might be okay. I think the fact that she’s starting out with her end-game confidence could help.

Ninth overall pick to Emma

Andy: I see where you’re going with her. But I also worry that she’s one of the first three boots. My concern with Aubry (and why I had her ranked really low) is that she’s proven herself dangerous without ALSO proving herself useful.

John: Right. She got all the mistakes out of her system in round one. The problem is that everyone knows it. And they know that she’s The People’s Champ from that season.

Emma: It’s important to keep in mind how little thought I’ve put into this.

Matt: Plus I feel like people from that season will have a target on their backs. Though Aubry was actually pretty good in challenges, in the team portion anyway

Andy: The flip side is that Aubry has pretty good social skills and emotional intelligence. That could really help among these egos.

Matt: I see Aubry as pretty high variance, honestly.

John: That ability to feed the egos of some of these others could help her a lot. Okay, time for my last two actual picks before the inevitable.

Matt: Time for John to make his last two picks

PRP tradition

John: I’ll take Michaela first. There’s the worry that they’d target her because they don’t know about her, but I feel like you’re going to get the sense of why Michaela is there within the first 3 days. And once it’s clear that she’s there more for being a challenge beast and some entertainment than for being a strategist, she could easily latch on to a large alliance.

Tenth overall pick to John

Emma: Aw man, I was thinking about her for my next pick.

Andy: I actually had her ranked third on my board, but more as an either/or between her and Ozzy. Both of them felt like too much duplication.

Matt: If you had Michaela high, you should take her before John because John can’t resist her

Emma: With Colin Stone making her his winner pick, how can you not  select her?

Andy: You just answered your own question.

John: I’ll never doubt edgic.

Emma: Especially preseason edgic, the purest edgic of all. Where you can’t be influenced by that pesky game being played.

Mark: OTTN comment there.

Matt: I get a bad vibe off Michaela honestly. I think she was brought back too soon. Just feel it won’t go well for her. I have no real reason to believe this, but just my gut

Andy: I don’t think she’ll win, but I think she’ll win challenges. I don’t see her intimidating veterans.

John: The problem with coming back so soon is that she’s a physical player, and she’s just come off of several weeks of a starvation diet, then gorged, and is gonna starve again.

Matt: Though she went out pre-merge so she had more Ponderosa time to recover.

Second round
# Pick Team
6 Varner Mark
7 Tony Matt
8 Hali Andy
9 Aubry Emma
10 Michaela John

John: The next pick is much trickier, because there are two extremely risky queens sitting there on the board.

Andy: Varner is off the board.

Emma: Hisssss

Matt: Varner would approve of that joke

Andy: I made it in his honour.

John: I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’ll take Brad. I’m way too worried that Sandra and Cirie are targeted immediately. No one is going after Brad early. He’s not going to get me tons of points, but he’ll definitely put some stats up before he goes home.

Eleventh overall pick to John

Emma: What the fuck, I was going to reluctantly take Brad too!

Andy: I was actually considering Brad this round.

Matt: No lie I had Brad 6th on my board. I think Brad will not threaten anyone

Mark: I had him in the top third.

Emma: People will want to take him to the end.

Matt: I could see him being dragged very far in the game as people hide behind his more outspoken arrogance. And yeah I bet he wins some team challenges and maybe an individual.

John: I actually didn’t hate his BvW game! I mean, I hated it as typical Survivor voting patterns, but I understood his reasoning at the time. And I think the game has changed since then and he wouldn’t need to try and form another all-male alliance.

Matt: And if he does go for an all-male alliance, I think this might be the season for it.

John: Plus, he’s a lawyer. And lawyers are always smart and awesome. Right, Matt?

Matt: No comment

Emma: They have giant brains.

Andy: Not huge tho.

Emma: Nope.

Emma: Okay, I know this is a bad idea. But I’m gonna do it. I’m picking Cirie.

Twelfth overall pick to Emma

Matt: I would have done it

Andy: Okay, I know this is a bad idea. But I’m gonna do it. I’m picking Sandra.

Thirteenth overall pick to Andy

Matt: Damn! Now I have no idea what I am going to do! I was hoping one of them fell to me

Emma: I almost picked Sandra myself. But so many people are picking her for the first boot on Dalton Ross’s thing.

Andy: I’m as afraid of that pick as all of you were, but… it would just make me too happy, you know? My team was Ozzy and Hali. I’d like to actually root for someone too.

John: Massively high risk on both of those. I just couldn’t do it.

Matt: At a certain point, I value the ability to have bossed the game. We can talk all we want about people who have past success being targeted, but the HvV final three was three finalists, two of whom were previous winners.

John: I at least had Malcolm and Michaela, so I had people I was going to root for already.

Andy: I think people would target Sandra first. But if she can survive that, she could be gold. It’s all about avoiding the first tribal council.

John: Matt is right. I was going to save this for the preseason podcast, but the thinking that winners or otherwise successful players get targeted immediately is overblown.

Andy: Same.

Matt: Well they do, but there is only one first boot. And there are multiple people on this season who have that high of a threat level. At a certain point if you are saying “I would be an idiot to let Sandra, Cirie, Tony, JT, Malcolm get past the first vote” you are just setting yourself up for failure.

Andy: Vytas fit that bill. Shirin, Peih Gee, Varner, Monica did not. The problem with going after a threat first is that you have to stick your neck out to do it. And thus become a threat.

Matt: Right. I can only see a few people doing that here. And maybe other people see someone else as a bigger threat.

Andy: And if you yourself are a threat, you don’t want to foster that attitude.

Matt: I’ll take Caleb. I actually have someone else rated higher left on the board, and another person left who I could see winning given the right breaks. But in this spot, with Tony and Andrea, I think I want a consistent performer. I cannot see Caleb being removed early on as his brand of strength/athleticism is perfect for the pre-merge game. I don’t think he has a shot in hell of winning, but I think he is a safe source of points.

Fourteenth overall pick to Matt

Andy: I also think he’s a loyal guy. You want to ally with Caleb.

Emma: As long as no ones tempts him with salt and pepper.

Andy: The biggest threat Caleb faces is if people target that Kaoh Rong four. But even then, I think you go after the others.

Matt: Right I just don’t see you targeting Caleb if you target that group.

Andy: He was in my “challenge point getting” group.

John: You target the people with track records: Tai and Aubry.

Andy: Or Debbie because she’s too hard to work with.

Matt: Or Debbie because you think she is Philip.

John: Right. Debbie because she’ll blow up your alliance.

Seriously, this is the official PRP staff chat gif

Emma: Aubry’s a bigger threat, but Tai links Caleb and Aubry together, so he might actually be the one to target.

Matt: Emma that is why I think Caleb and Aubry are on one tribe together and Debbie and Tai another.

Emma: I mean yeah.

Matt: Those are the two pairs of Kaoh Rong with the least bonds.

John: You know who would be a great choice right here, Mark? Troy.

Mark: I’m going with Tai. Yeah, you want to break up the Kaoh Rong Four, but target the almost-winner and crazy person first. Let’s not forget Tai clawed his way into power alliances, won a few immunities, and is Asian Amanda at FTC.

Fifteenth overall pick to Mark

Andy: Caleb and Tai were my two next highest ranked picks.

Matt: I actually had Tai above Caleb. But by one slot.

Andy: Tai for a silly reason: people on this season voted for him to go in the HOF.

John: Tai being a finalist that got no votes is going to make him appealing to keep around.

Mark: He’s got value in his Caleb connection and can make friends easily. Plus he’s a provider. I don’t see him going early.

Matt: If Tai out fishes Ozzy does that give people an excuse to boot Ozzy? That would be amazing. Like Boston Rob outfishing Rupert in All-Stars.

Emma: Did Tai fish? I honestly don’t remember.

Emma: What about his love for all living creatures?

John: Yeah, but fuck fish.

Emma: Okay, Troy.

Troy McClure, not -zan.

John: Damn. I thought that was you drafting Troy.

Matt: It is not her turn

Andy: (Whew… it’s a good thing this wasn’t Emma’s pick or that could have been binding)

Emma: Nice try, bud.

Matt: You know what you are getting

John: But you can imagine she’d be enthusiastic and want to jump the gun. It’s Troy we’re talking about! The best player on One World not named Kim!

Matt: Or Sabrina! Or Chelsea! Or…

Mark: Colton?

Andy: Jonas

Emma: Bill Posely

Andy: Leif

Emma: Tarzan

Matt: Alicia

Andy: Cristina Cha

Emma: Kat

Matt: Monica

Emma: Kourtney Moon

Third round
# Pick Team
11 Brad John
12 Cirie Emma
13 Sandra Andy
14 Caleb Matt
15 Tai Mark

Mark: OH. You know who I should pick?

Matt: Not Troy!

Mark: FFGC Sierra Dawn Thomas. She’s a game changer!

Sixteenth overall pick to Mark

Emma: She does know Ozzy from her days as a Price is Right model.

John: Value pick here. Well done. I hear she’s tall.

Matt: Can’t teach height!

John: And so blonde!

Mark: She knows how to barrel roll. And avoid trouble. And screentime.

Emma: Even though she says she’s going to adjust her game, I worry she isn’t. After all, she pre gamed with Troy.

Andy: I was thinking of handcuffing Hali with Sierra Dawn Thomas. (Which is a fantasy sports term, not a kinky sex thing)

John: Two things, Andy. Two things.

Mark: Her last game got her sixth, so.

Emma: Andy and Hali handcuffed to Sierra, sitting in a tree…

Andy: I’m not sure they could reach.

Matt: Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

Mark: It can be two puns.

Andy: On the bright side, I will actually like the person I’m drafting instead.

John: Troy?

Andy: I can’t say…

Matt: Anyway I am glad at that pick Mark because it left Zeke for me. Look Zeke might go early, but so might everyone else left and I think Zeke has the social game to actually win. And the double bonus is that it leaves Ciera for Andy who I know he will pick.

Seventeenth overall pick to Matt

Andy: Matt is correct. Welcome back to the team, Ciera!

Eighteenth overall pick to Andy

John: Aww, it’s like you’re getting the band back together.

Andy: Geez… Ozzy, Hali, Sandra, Ciera… Ozzy better damn well be a beast again.

Emma: Aw crap, that means I have Debbie, right?

John: Not necessarily, Emma!

Matt: Yes it does Emma.

John: Not necessarily!

Emma: Well, it is amusing that I have a team of rivals. JT and Cirie, Aubry and Debbie.

Matt: No other choice for you


Andy: There is someone else out there. You’d be booted from this here Slack, but he’s out there.



Nineteenth overall pick to Emma

This is a weird-ass harem for JT.

Matt: I wonder who that leaves for John? HMMMMMM, who could possibly be left?

John: Sierra?

Matt: No she was taken …

John: I hear she’s always around when you need a player at the last minute.

Matt: hey-o!

Andy: John’s gonna try and draft Natalie Anderson.

Matt: He gets Nadiya instead.

Andy: They really should’ve subbed Natalie with Nadiya.

Emma: When Natalie dropped out, they should have just…

John: Can I just draft Probst?

Matt: That would be amazing

Andy: I wonder how many VTEPs Probst would get?

John: All of them?

Matt: All of them.

Andy: If you believe conspiracy theories…

Matt: Or maybe none of them because everything is a blindside

Andy: He would’ve gotten reward challenge points when he and Wigles went to that bar in Borneo. I think he and Colby had a date in the Outback too.

Emma: I think John should make his last pick official.

John: Whatever. Fuck you all. Troy is mine. I will relish watching him get points for existing all the way until final 3 and getting completely fucking blanked at final tribal.

Twentieth overall pick to John.
We did it everyone!

Matt: When you win because of Troy I will enjoy rubbing it in your face that you owe it all to him


Watch, Emma’s gonna get Ms. Woozah’d for taking Debbie.

Emma: I would not be surprised.

John: The fates demand it.

Fourth round
# Pick Team
16 Sierra Dawn Thomas Mark
17 Zeke Matt
18 Ciera Andy
19 Debbie Emma
20 Troy John

Emma: I’ve got a pretty bad team, but whatevs.

Andy: Everyone, post your team.

Mark: I’m happy with my moderates.

Matt: I think we all know that my team is the best.

John: Malcolm, Michaela, Brad, and The Other One.

Emma: JT, Aubry, Cirie, Debbie

Andy: Ozzy, Hali, Sandra, Ciera

Matt: Andrea, Tony, Caleb, Zeke

Mark: Sarah, Varner, Tai, Sierra DT

Matt: John’s team is Teen Girl Squad.

John: Malcolm is Cheerleader.

Andy: You know… I think I might like John’s team the best.

Emma: It’s weirdly the lowest risk team.

Andy: Not weird at all. John is VERY low risk.

John: It’s the most conservative. Very on brand for me.

Andy: Very.

Mark: Shocker. I can’t talk though. I did pick middle of the road types and the only Asian.

Andy: I swing for the fences. Big Moves!

Emma: I don’t make draft rankings in preparation!

Mark: I didn’t either!

John: Fucking rookies.

Whose team is the best

  • John (Malcolm, Michaela, Brad, Troy) (38% Votes)
  • Matt (Andrea, Tony, Caleb, Zeke) (24% Votes)
  • Emma (JT, Aubry, Cirie, Debbie) (21% Votes)
  • Andy (Ozzy, Hali, Sandra, Ciera) (8% Votes)
  • Mark (Sarah, Varner, Tai, Sierra Dawn Thomas) (8% Votes)

Total Voters: 95

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