Survivor Game Changers Week 6 Predictions

Due to rampant spoilers across the internet, we’re doing an exhibition week of predictions. No poll. Stats don’t count. Comments still do.

Four of us are unspoiled, so we’re sharing our thoughts. But we’re not keeping score this round.

Boot Predictions

Andy: The NuNuMana actually has numbers for the original Mana tribe, so if the trend of sticking by your first tribe continues, Brad Culpepper should be in danger. That trend will not hold. Hali is better served jumping off that sinking ship and moving up the ranks of her second tribe, particularly since Sandra is no longer in the game (her main ally on original Mana). We’ve seen Brad make inroads with Troy. And there’s no love lost between Michaela and Aubry. I think Aubry successfully sells Michaela out. The only question is, does she bring the tea?

… Okay then. Next. I think there will be a lot of talk of taking out the next big gun in Ozzy. Maybe even some talk of getting rid of the shifty Tai for fear of possible idols. Whether due to fear of idol repercussions or simply choosing to worry about these concerns later, I think it’ll all be talk. Jeff Varner is easily voted out by the majority.

John: Possibly spoiled, hates the internet, gonna nope his way right out of this one.

Emma: There has been evidence that Aubry would easily flip on those from her original – and even second – tribe, which would presumably put someone like Michaela in danger. But the original Mana on nunuMana are Michaela, Hali, Troy, and Aubry. Which of those people is going to feel like the biggest threat to Brad? Instead of flipping helping save Aubry, it will make her a consensus pick and she’ll be voted out unanimously.

I just have a feeling Tai might go home with two idols in his pocket, aided by people pretending to be on board with his plan to vote out Ozzy. After all, most of the others did legitimately think Tai was dangerous, they just knew he wasn’t as dangerous as the Queen.

Mark: Nuku: Varner is the odd man out here, and previews showing him angry aren’t likely to help. Plus this pre-merge has been about as fun as 2016, which is to say not very. When will the curse be lifted!?

Mana: In the event they do lose a challenge, I can see Aubry as a target since her fellow Cambodians are on the other tribe. It would explain her low key edit and Sandra comments. Either way, this episode will be brutal when the torch is snuffed.

Matt: Ride or die on last week’s Ozzy prediction. Still believe he is a threat, still believe most people want him out before he can go on an immunity run, and last week reinforced the desire to oust stars pre-merge and Ozzy is one of only two stars left in the cast (Cirie is the other). Also maybe I believe the preview editor is that one intern who was always right back in Blood vs Water.

I guess same logic applying they take a swing at Cirie. But screw the same logic and lets say Aubry instead. Why Aubry? Because she is invisible and because everyone remembers her as the person who should have won the season they most recently watched. Also the original tribal lines seem to be very much in play still and I think she is most likely to be the biggest outsider.

Andy John Emma
Mark Matt
First or Second Boot
Aubry Ciera Ciera Ciera Ciera Ciera
Third Out JT Debbie Cirie JT Cirie JT
Fourth Out JT Sandra Sandra  Sandra Varner JT
Fifth Out JT Sandra JT JT JT JT
Sixth Out Debbie Debbie Sarah  Aubry Ozzy  Debbie
Mana Seventh Boot Michaela
  Aubry Aubry Aubry  
Nuku Seventh Boot Varner   Tai
Varner Ozzy   
Preseason Winner Pick Malcolm Tony
Andrea Malcolm

No poll this week, as enough of you were concerned about the potential of the poll being spoilery that it’s not worth doing. But feel free to comment below, provided you haven’t read anything that may give you unfair knowledge of what will happen.

This includes comments in spoiler tags, which were rampant last week and totally within bounds of normal commenting, but probably too prevalent and tempting. So let’s lay off this week: you can wait one day to talk about the episode if you might know about what happens during it.