Survivor: Ghost Island Bonus Content Roundup – Week 10

Blurry Denzel shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Raptor Island.

This Week In Secret Scenes

Where Does That Leave Me

I think this is a scene that should have made the episode. We have Chelsea coming back from tribal after being left out of the decision to vote out Desiree. She is now wondering what her position is in the game and realizes that it’s more pressing than ever to keep herself safe while she tries to make adjustments in her game. It might be too little too late for her.

We also have Wendell trying to assure Chelsea that she is still with him despite being in the dark about the vote. From all indications from Wendell, this is not actually the case. Chelsea is not in the core of his alliance with Dom, Donathan, and Laurel. Wendell is putting in work with a pretty nice communication style to try to make Chelsea feel comfortable. Whether this works or not in the long term, perhaps in an FTC voting situation will be something to ponder.

With this scene not being included in the episode, this is another instance of many where Survivor shows disinterest in Chelsea. I know Chelsea does not win this game because Survivor doesn’t even want me to think she is on the show. I understand that she has this dry, monotone delivery that does not captivate the audience and she doesn’t pop on the screen but to not feature her at all is a disservice. She has won multiple competitions to ensure safety and has a decent understanding of the game, perhaps more so than a more heavily featured Kellyn. This show that wants their winner to look “strong” by being shown on camera a shitload of times but how can they be strong if the people they beat don’t matter in the audience’s eyes? You can show Chelsea being a strategic presence a little bit. It goes a long way in making it more meaningful when she is defeated.

This Week In Confessionals

This wouldn’t be a Blurry Denzel joint if there wasn’t some kind of rankings going on. So I’m ranking my five favorite bonus scenes from this past week.

5. “I’ll Get It Done”

This short scene is Dom explaining finding David’s fake idol and how he will go about implementing it in the game. I like how Dom realizes that with the past moves he made that trying to trick someone with a fake idol may be too difficult to pull off. Dom, though, is also the type of player who will have a hard time resisting this shiny new tool at his disposal. This is perhaps to his detriment. Dom has impressed more when he is more reserved than making flashy, over-the-top moves. I like the relationships he’s built and the voting decisions he’s made. I don’t like the fake idols or the extra whispering with Wendell. This is a very flashy item that holds little upside and potential pitfalls for a player who is currently in a great position.

I’m not a fan of Survivor putting this item in the game. This reeks of Survivor throwing shit at the wall and hoping it creates a memorable TV moment. The memories they have flashed back to all season worked because for the most part players organically get to the fireworks Survivor wants. A little bit of tricks can play well, too much can make it all seem forced and not as fun. I worry Survivor will not get the payoff from this that they want.

4. “It’s Totally Opposite”

Angela speaks on the struggle of her experience on the island compared to her history in the military and how trust impacts both fields. I included this clip mostly because I’ve always found it fascinating to be able to push aside life lessons ingrained deep in someone like honesty or to build real close relationships and then turn around to betray someone. It’s easier said than done for a decent amount of people, myself included. I struggle to deceive my Trust Cluster when playing board games, I doubt I would do better with higher stakes. A big reason people don’t win this game is not that they are unaware of what to do but are unwilling to do what needs to be done. I think Angela explains it well here.

3. “A Quiet Observant Fisherman

Sebastian explains where he sees himself in the game and what his strategy is. It’s refreshing to hear someone who previously was just around to make “high” jokes about to have solid ideas about Survivor. I will say he is accurate in a lot of what he is saying about his game. He does come across as just this chill dude that everyone likes, which is such an important aspect of Survivor. What I think Sebastian is missing is that while it’s great to be liked and having people want you around, if they don’t respect you or your game, it means nothing in the end. Sebastian says that he is smart enough to make a move when he needs to but I’m not sure when the opportunity will arrive. He seems to be laid back and wanting people to approach him. I think that doesn’t work as well late in the game as it does early. I fear this game will end up passing him by.

2. “Great Big Fan of Tai”

I found myself smiling big during this clip. While I’m not as high on Donathan as others, his genuine fandom in Survivor is infectious. I want him to have great experiences in the game. I included this clip because of Donathan’s fandom of Tai and what Tai meant to him.

Representation is so important in life, including this crazy show we watch where people starve themselves on some tropical island while playing carnival games. For Donathan to see someone else in the LGBT community be so successful in this game is powerful. When someone you can relate to does well it’s a big confidence boost. It’s a world where you can be made to feel isolated, that there is something wrong with you, that you are worthless, to be able to see in someone that you can be who you are and be strong, be intelligent, be human. It means the world. I’m so happy that Donathan was able to draw inspiration from Tai.

1. “I Thought I Would Play Without Emotion”

Laurel has been the subject of a lot of discussion lately. Some feel that she missed her opportunity to take control of the game. I think this clip explains a lot of her mindset the past couple of weeks. She is realizing that while this is a game, the connections made out on the island are real. Not a groundbreaking discovery but one that players overlook a lot. I think that is the beauty of this show. You have to spend so much time with people, form bonds on this temporary society and then turn around and vote them out. It’s such a tight line to walk and I think we are seeing Laurel struggle with this.

Laurel decided not to flip onto Desiree’s side because she didn’t trust her as much as she trusts her core four. That’s good on Dom and Wendell for maintaining that relationship since the swap. It’s good that Laurel was able to connect with people who clearly have her back. Your emotions can help bring you deep into this game. It can also damage it. It seems highly likely that Laurel needs to be able to flip on Dom and Wendell to win. With the numbers down to eight, this line to walk is harder. There are no more people to hide behind. There are no Malolos left. It may already be too late but I also think there is still time. It has to be this week though. I’m rooting for Laurel. She is my person that I feel like I can relate to. I want her to do well. I’m not the person who can form relationships with people and then betray. I’m in awe of the people who can in this game. Laurel says she is willing too and I want it badly to be true.

This Week In Ponderosa

I will be honest, I didn’t really pay too close of attention to this and holy shit it was long. I like Jenna and Michael together. There seems to a budding romance brewing between Libby and Michael. Jenna and Michael get a family visit, which is nice. Not enough Chris Noble.

Maybe just skip the first video and watch this cologne ad with some nice shots.