Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 3 Recap.

Sorry for the delay in this week’s coverage. I had a busy weekend, my football dad Arsene Wenger managed his final game for my beloved Arsenal and i cried a lot.

This recap will be a bit worse edited and possibly misspelt (Editor’s note: If you were American, that would already be true) as I’m writing it as a memo at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Dublin.

Franky doesn’t trust JT but that makes sense he’s the schemer of the season. He wants to go to a couple more trials to strengthen his alliance.

Adam can sing!  Not a surprise as he’s multitalented. He swam so well.

Tess said some very stupid sexist stuff about proving blondes can do stuff then couldn’t remember if “team pink” was girls.

Reward challenge: first tribe to ten wins!  That’s a lot. Reward is fishing gear. According to Chisholm these lakes are chocka with fish. That means very full. As in chock a block. Chani wins reward.

Jt is thinking immunity clue but Eve finds it and tells everyone like a great big fool.
Guess who’s getting a “real dumb” when I get round to the edgic?

They go looking and find another clue. Jt forced the tribe to decide that it would be a communal idol that should belong to Eve. If they find it that is.

On the yellow side. Kaysha is trying to badmouth Dylan so people don’t think they are working together but Matt is suspicious.

Eve finds the idol but both Renee and Franky are wish her and don’t trust her.
Franky makes the mistake of trusting Arun about not trusting JT and Eve.

Eve vs Kaysha at the Outpost. The balace things inside handles balancing a ball. Playing for sweet Thai treats and fizzy drinks. Kaysha wins but the reward is to eat the treats there and then, no taking anything back.
They chat a bit of strategy where neither says anything worthwhile.

Kaysha does the right thing and tells the truth but Adam doesn’t believe her. Should have told them Eve won.

Immunity: Khangkaw win by a huge margin. Liam is a once again clueless.

Huge scrambling at Chani. Renee wants to get rid of Eve because of the idol. She doesn’t seem to get that the idol will get put back into the game. Look it’s Dave has he been here all episode?

Eve wants Franky and gets Arun, JT and Dave on board.

JT uses this as a way to try and get Eve’s idol. Saying that the idol is the only reason they want her out.

At Tribal Dave says no one even discusses things before the challenges and there are no alliances. Naively everyone says no central alliance,  just messages through a network. Probst would shut this bullshit down.  All non answers. Eve doesn’t play her idol and in the end the third Survivor voted out is Franky. Sorry Mike Hirsch!


Edgic continues to show that Lisa will win. Hands down obvious winner.