Survivor Ghost Island Week Nine Predictions

Alright, we all got that gimme last week. A good confidence booster. Time to play for real.

Staff Predictions


If the NToS is to be believed, it looks like Desiree chooses to make a move against her original Navitis with the original Malolos (and hopefully someone else?) Which would make her a threat, if it worked. But the previews suggest that it won’t work, which makes her a complete non-threat. No need to deviate from the Pagonging plan just to get rid of someone who tried and failed. Instead, time to finish the job they started last week and take out Michael.


If I want a shot at winning this prediction thing, I have to take some risks. Unfortunately, you aren’t all just going to do everything you can to help me win, like I’m some kind of JT. Nor are you going to let me simply ride the status quo to a victory before being hailed as royalty, like I’m some kind of Sophie. Instead, I have to make an attempt while the rest of you just kind of suck, like I’m some kind of Ben (the guy you’ve probably already forgotten won last season). So in my attempt at a bold prediction, I’m going with Domenick. There are six women and five men remaining, and I’ve decided that there are enough women out there that are at least interested in the possibility of a future women’s alliance. They don’t want to let the numbers slip away from them. So the stated plan will be to target Jenna, but some motley crew of Naviti women and former Malolos will unite to blindside Domenick instead.


I’m just fully leaning into the idea that the previews are just steering us in the right direction. Desiree is antsy about getting rid of some Naviti people she feels shady about, but that makes people not trust her so they decide to vote her out instead, despite there being several people they know they can’t trust. Also, I’m going to guess Michael wins immunity


I don’t know, Jenna? Sure, why not Jenna. Did you just remember that Jenna was still on the show. Well, so did everyone else. That is why Jenna is gone. Because everyone was like “Who next? Whoa wait is that girl still playing? Her? Really? Well let’s just vote her out in case she is good or something, I don’t know.” And that is how Jenna goes home.


Prepare for a possible Pagong-ing, people. Maybe Michael wins immunity, in which case the Naviti women eat their own, but I think they have a little life left in them. Instead, I’m going to say that the successful idol play last week keeps the target on Mike and a vote split goes in the majority’s favor to vote him out. Jenna is close to Sebastian and Laurel and Donathan are part of the dominant alliance, so the guy doesn’t really have many allies left. Time to fucking stick you on the jury, Michael.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Boot Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Laurel James Stephanie
Third Boot Libby Desiree Jenna Angela Chris Angela
Fourth Boot Bradley Jenna Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley
Fifth Boot Bradley Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna
Sixth Out Bradley Chris Noble Bradley Chris Noble Libby Bradley
Seventh Out Libby Libby Libby Libby Bradley Libby
Eighth Out Kellyn Chelsea Chris Noble Chris Noble Chris Chris Noble
Ninth Boot Libby Libby Libby Libby Libby Libby
Ninth Boot Michael Domenick Desiree Jenna Michael


Your Turn

Time to vote.

Who will be the tenth boot of Survivor: Ghost Island?

  • Michael (39% Votes)
  • Desiree (27% Votes)
  • Jenna (12% Votes)
  • Angela (8% Votes)
  • Chelsea (4% Votes)
  • Sebastian (4% Votes)
  • Domenick (3% Votes)
  • Donathan (1% Votes)
  • Kellyn (1% Votes)
  • Laurel (0% Votes)
  • Wendell (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 74

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