Survivor Island of the Idols Week 6 Predictions

At what point do we abandon this terrible segment and can it be soon?

Staff Predictions


On the Vokai watch, I don’t believe Lairo has any intention of going to rocks for each other. Missy and Aaron will start to throw Elaine under the bus early and often, enough so that the original Vokai’s will use that to separate them by getting Elaine and Elizabeth to vote out Missy with them.

As for the tribe that will actually be going to tribal council, Noura will try to make connections with the two remaining original Lairo (who have no connection with each other) and it will be bad and obvious and as good a reason as any to finally rid themselves of Noura. Which I’m fine with, btw. She’s made her contribution to the season.


Predictions… look, I’m still salty that it’s been three weeks now where I was so close to points and yet I’m still here with nilch. But I’m trusting that my gut is still in the ballpark. Vokai will send home Elaine because if Tommy and Aaron are serious about working together, Missy will be Aaron’s +1 to the alliance (plus, like, challenges). Lairo will boot Karishma because duh.


I do not believe Vokai will go to tribal, but if they do, I see Elaine going out because she’ll be seen as a social threat that the former Lairos will be willing to turn on. As for Lairo, I would just hate for Noura to go home when I don’t predict her. And she was seen targeting Jamal, who has an idol. So sure, Noura I guess.


Practice makes perfect, and after years of doing this prediction game, we are thus far pitching a perfect game. Oh shit, I mentioned the perfect game, thus jinxing it and guaranteeing that someone gets the pick right this week. Now let’s make sure that it’s not me: Dean and Missy are my picks, because there’s both an understandable reason for each of them to go home, and a strong case that neither should go home. And it seems like a lot of votes have been like that this season. I am certain I will be incorrect.


Vokai: The purple team is even 4-4. If they go to rocks, they better be purple! Come on, Probst. If I can’t have that, at least have the ex-Lairo ladies get creeped out by Dan and send him back to Hollywood. I can’t see anyone else that either side would be willing to budge to boot.

Lairo: Take it from Boston Rob: Dean is done.


nuLairo: Gonna pick Karishma here. Here’s my logic: It is probably one of Karishma, Dean or Noura. One of Andy and John predicted Noura, I think the other predicted Dean? I actually don’t remember. Anyway, if I pick Karishma I either force a correct guess or cause even more chaos. Fine by me.

nuVokai: No way in hell old Lairo is going to rocks for each other. I think the names of Missy, Elaine and Elizabeth are going to be flying fast and furious. Which is why i’m not picking any of them. I’m picking Aaron. You’ll never see it coming.

Andy Brad Emma John
Mark Matt
2nd Boot Noura Tommy Noura Dan Noura Kellee Noura
3rd Boot Karishma Karishma Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron
4th Boot Karishma Karishma Karishma Tom Dean Karishma Karishma
5th Boot Janet Dan Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy
6th Boot Lairo Noura Karishma Noura Dean Dean Karishma
6th Boot Vokai Missy Elaine Elaine Missy Dan Aaron

Your Turn

Time to vote for the next person to go

Who will be the next to go from Lairo?

  • Karishma (30% Votes)
  • Dean (29% Votes)
  • Noura (25% Votes)
  • Jamal (12% Votes)
  • Janet (3% Votes)
  • Kellee (1% Votes)
  • Jack (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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Who will be the next to go from Vokai?

  • Missy (40% Votes)
  • Elaine (24% Votes)
  • Aaron (11% Votes)
  • Dan (8% Votes)
  • Elizabeth (8% Votes)
  • Jason (5% Votes)
  • Lauren (4% Votes)
  • Tommy (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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