Survivor Kaoh Rong Week 2 Predictions and Poll

Now that we’ve gotten 90 minutes under our belt, I’m sure we all feel more comfortable to make our predictions on what will happen in the second episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong. In addition, it now up to you to decide who had the better answer to the question of who will get medevaced and how from the podcast. Heady stuff.


Andy: I think it’s possible that Jason just thinks that voting out Alecia would be too boring. How can he make a Russell-like splash by doing the expected? Gotta swing for the fences instead and take out Cydney. For the Brains, best to not overthink it and go with Debbie. For Beauty, I don’t want to predict Tai, but it’s hard to see the target moving off of him to Nick or Caleb this soon. Luckily, I don’t think they go to Tribal Council.

John: This week, Alecia burns down the shelter, accidentally stabs Jennifer with a fishing spear, and scores points for another team in a challenge. To punish Alecia, the tribe votes out Cydney. For Beauty, it’s whoever the three women decide. And I’m really just hoping it’s not Tai. So, Caleb. As for Brains, Debbie is Debbie. Though I will throw out this alternate theory: If Aubry ends up siding with the olds, it’s Liz. And if Joe, Debbie, and Aubry are a united front, either Peter or Neal will break ranks to avoid a rock draw. But until I’m shown otherwise, I’ll assume the Brains will do the logical thing and take out Debbie.

Emma: Debbie is a weird older woman. Occam’s razor. Probably wishful thinking, but maybe Caleb reacts to the Tai incident in the previews in a way that turns the girls against him. Cydney because the world is cruel and will not rid me of Alecia.

Mark: I’m sticking with my three this time. Alecia was proven to be a liability, and even if Scot wants to keep her around, I can’t see them booting Cydney over her. At a certain point you have to put challenge strength over personal issues.  Debbie is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, and even a misleading promo can’t hide that. She’s the obvious odd woman out. On the plus side, “Survivor Bootee” can be added to her mile-long resume! On Beauty, the three girls are super tight, and I can still see them working with Tai. At the very least, they’ll flush out an idol and get rid of the one negative Nicky that brings down morale and has been shown in a bad light. (Yes, there is such a thing, pretty boy.)

Matt: Debbie seems obviously first in line at this tribe. But I don’t think they go to tribal and she is saved. I am tempted to pick Cydney as a sort of non-obvious pick, but I’ll go for the easy one this week after nailing the unlikely one last week. Two losses in a row would see the Brawn tribe realize they need to fix it ASAP, and Alecia is the most likely cause of another loss. Because I do not have it in my heart to say Tai, and because I think Caleb is going to be sticking around, I think it is Nick.

Andy John Emma Mark Matt Readers
Alecia Alecia
Alecia Alecia Darnell  Alecia
Cydney Cydney
Cydney Alecia Alecia question-mark
Debbie Debbie Debbie Debbie question-mark
Tai  Caleb  Caleb  Nick Nick
Score 0-red 0-red 0-red 0-red 1-green 0-red
Peter Michele
Peter Jennifer

So there you have it. Make your picks below and don’t be afraid to give your explanation in the comments. We can be wrong together!

If Brawn goes to Tribal Council next, who will be eliminated?

  • Alecia (77% Votes)
  • Cydney (16% Votes)
  • Jennifer (4% Votes)
  • Jason (1% Votes)
  • Scot (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 73

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If Brains goes to Tribal Council next, who will be eliminated?

  • Debbie (70% Votes)
  • Joe (9% Votes)
  • Liz (9% Votes)
  • Peter (7% Votes)
  • Aubry (3% Votes)
  • Neal (3% Votes)

Total Voters: 70

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If Beauty goes to Tribal Council next, who will be eliminated?

  • Tai (48% Votes)
  • Nick (45% Votes)
  • Caleb (7% Votes)
  • Anna (0% Votes)
  • Julia (0% Votes)
  • Michele (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 69

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Through week 1 poll: Who will win Survivor: Kaoh Rong?

  • Michele (24% Votes)
  • Anna (23% Votes)
  • Neal (13% Votes)
  • Liz (8% Votes)
  • Peter (7% Votes)
  • Jason (6% Votes)
  • Julia (6% Votes)
  • Jennifer (4% Votes)
  • Aubry (3% Votes)
  • Nick (3% Votes)
  • Tai (1% Votes)
  • Scot (1% Votes)
  • Caleb (1% Votes)
  • Joe (0% Votes)
  • Debbie (0% Votes)
  • Cydney (0% Votes)
  • Alecia (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 71

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Medevac Prediction Game

death count survivor kaoh rong

Now on to the important stuff. Every week on the podcast (until it stops being fun), John and I will attempt to figure out how Survivor: Kaoh Rong will live up to its hype as the “Most Brutal Season Ever” by posting scenarios on who could get medevaced and how. It’s up to you to decide who had the better answer.

(If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, you can correct that injustice by going here).

Who had the better week 1 medevac scenario?

  • Andy: The Happening gets Tai (51% Votes)
  • John: Alecia is rocked out of the game by Jason (49% Votes)

Total Voters: 55

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