Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Ghost Island Episode 11 “The Finish Line Is In Sight”

The podcast looks at the two eliminations of the eleventh episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ghost Island Episode 11 “The Finish Line Is In Sight”

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In this episode, the podcast looks at:

  • If Wendell and Domenick are actually planning to go to the end together.
  • Split immunity challenges: bad idea or terrible idea?
  • Men winning immunity challenges again.*
  • What was Jenna hoping to accomplish?
  • Donathan’s refusal to share his idol with Michael.
  • Should Donathan have played his idol for himself?
  • Now Survivor is giving out fake idols.
  • Re-litigating David’s fake idol. Again.
  • Is the best fake idol a fake, fake idol?
  • What did Kellyn get right and what did she get wrong?
  • Wendell’s jury manuevering: too transparent?
  • Laurel’s bad idol math.

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