Survivor Ultimate Survivor Tribal Council Bracket – Theatrics Division Round Three

For all the talk of strategy and numbers and the house that Richard Hatch built, Survivor is a TV show first and foremost. We watch it to be entertained! It’s our nerd sport. In that respect, the Tribal Councils in this bracket have had the craziest, funniest, downright strange moments in Survivor history. But now we’re down to this bracket’s final four, and the match-ups are pretty strong. We have an Immunity surrender, a sanity surrender, a logical fallacy, and whatever the hell Judd is. Pull back the curtain, pass the popcorn from your nearest dead fish, and get ready to rumble.

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Voting criteria:

  • You decide what makes a Tribal worthy of your vote. Was it your favourite? The best? Most memorable? Most dramatic? It’s up to you. We’ve organized them by theme, but you’re under no obligation to pick the most theatric tribal to represent the Theatrics bracket.
  • Tribal Council is defined as everything that happened in episode from when the tribe gets to Tribal Council through to the Final Words of the eliminated contestant. Things that didn’t make the air were out of bounds for consideration when putting the list together.
  • For Final Tribal Councils, the reveal of the winner is out of bounds (except for the first Final Tribal). This takes place at a different time and place and is aired on a different episode.

Voting ends on Tuesday, March 29th.

1. Erik Gives Away Immunity vs 5. Bad Sportsmanships Have Aaaay Deeee Deeee


1. Erik Gives Away Immunity – Micronesia, episode 13 “If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese” vs 5. Bad Sportsmanships Have Aaaay Deeee Deeee – Guatemala, episode 6 “Big Balls, Big Mouth, Big Trouble”

Someone call a psychologist, because we have a case of anxiety versus ADD in this matchup. Ice cream scooper Erik was young, naive, and desperate for some female companionship (no, not that kind), so he gave up a promising career as an immunity challenge winner to win the heart of a girl. Unfortunately, his nerves got the best of him, and he was sent packing. Better luck next time!

Meanwhile, Judd Sargent was a fascinating case of both motor mouth and an adult ADD diagnosis. After being analyzed by Margaret, he let loose in an angry, period-free, grammar-free diatribe. This Tribal is proving surprisingly durable after barely making it alive out of the first round. Will you prescribe Ritalin or get rid o’ him? The doctor is pending…but please for the sake of entertainment, go with Judd. Sportsmanships is for suckers.

1. Erik Gives Away Immunity vs 5. Bad Sportsmanships Have Aaaay Deeee Deeee

  • 1. Erik Gives Away Immunity (82% Votes)
  • 5. Bad Sportsmanships Have Aaaay Deeee Deeee (18% Votes)

Total Voters: 402

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2. Randy Plays Bob’s Fake Idol vs 14. Thanks Obama

survivor-gabon-tribal-council-sugar-votes-randy survivor-philippines-tribal-council-jeff-kent-thanks-obama

2. Randy Plays Bob’s Fake Idol – Gabon, episode 9 “Nothing Tastes Better than Five Hundred Dollars” vs 14. Thanks Obama – Philippines, episode 8 “Dead Man Walking”

Maybe the last matchup would have done better if both contestants were under Obamacare. Unfortunately for Jeff Kent, he isn’t covered by the federal exchange, but his post-vote exchange with the camera should get him enough to cover any costs (say, $600,000?). And those parting words aren’t the only thing to judge this Tribal on. How about the multiple idol bluffs, oversharing of information, and blustery former athletes about to get what’s coming for them?

Randy’s fake idol play (after being played by a questionable former Olympian and a human incarnation of Sour Patch Kids) is one of those Survivor moments I know about even though I’ve never finished Gabon. I mean, even that screenshot is iconic! Like the Obama hater he’s facing off against, Randy was old, white, mean, and a little slow on the draw. He tried to play a fake idol after the others goaded him into knowing he was going home that night. And like Sugar, I can’t help but laugh. Will you reward entertainment or insanity? It’s the $60 million dollar question…

2. Randy Plays Bob's Fake Idol vs 14. Thanks Obama

  • 2. Randy Plays Bob's Fake Idol (63% Votes)
  • 14. Thanks Obama (37% Votes)

Total Voters: 408

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