Ultimate Survivor Tribal Council Bracket – The Sweet Sixteen

Do you like upsets? Then you must not be in the majority of people voting in this bracket! Only three seeds advanced to the Sweet Sixteen that weren’t in the top four of their region. Which you could argue is less interesting, but I’ll just take as validation on our ability to seed things properly. Except for that one.

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While there’s been a lack of bracket-busters so far, the result is 16 of the best tribal councils of all-time still in the tournament. Which is probably how it should be. And there will be some tough choices here, particularly if you’re a partisan for a particular person or type of tribal, since some of those are pitting against the other. No room for wimps in this tournament.

REMEMBER: the voting is split into four different posts, representing the four themes of the tournament. Don’t forget to vote in all four (the disparate voting totals between pages suggest that many of you did. Perhaps enough of you to swing some results).

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