Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – The Endgame

Brad shares even more stuff from the finale of Survivor: Winners At War.

So there are literally hours of bonus content this week. So much that it seems a gargantuan task to try to write it all up. So we’re breaking it into chunks spread out over a few days. In addition, I’m going to hold back on doing full break downs for every clip, going into it with book club vibes instead. I’ll have some quick thoughts, but I’ll mostly pose questions that y’all can dissect in the comments.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“It Was Such A Bittersweet Moment”

– We get to hear Tony say “muh-ment” again, which will never not make me laugh. But it was in the context of Tony still processing the fire-making challenge and mourning the loss of his partner. Tony and Sarah are being pitted against Colby and Jerri for “Best Duo On Survivor,” but I think this ignores the like of Amanda and James or Eliza and The Stick. What are your Survivor Duo rankings?
– Both Tony and Natalie seem disappointed in the outcome of the fire-making challenge, and ain’t that some irony.
– Michele disrespected again with Tony and Natalie tagging her shirt with paint. Watch your mentions, you two!

This Week At Ponderosa

“It’s Kinda Okay To Go Out This Way”

– More hug talk! Ah! I want to reach through the screen and tell them to enjoy that while they can.
– Seriously though, evaluate the claim that Dr. Marty looks like Dr. Joe But Stung By Bees.
– The greeting–or lack of a greeting–when Denise arrived was straight disrespectful. Compared to the typical Ponderosa welcome, they might have well as flipped Denise off and stormed out of the room. The tone around the dinner table reinforced the notion that some jurors’ blood was still running hot. Many people say the Edge of Extinction creates an unfair opportunity to bond with the jury; I argue that the lack of a chance to decompress at Ponderosa has an equal effect on the bitterness of a jury.
– I suppose this could also be borne out of how few people had been jurors before. So this would be the first time they have to deal with being eliminated from the game.
– That Nick moment at 4:15. Ugh, Jesus. gross.
– Islands of the idols but with Denise, Sophie, and Kim. Let’s do it.

“The Glass Is Half-Full Still”

– Ben still loves ribeyes.

– I was disappointed that we did not get to see the shaving accident that resulted in Ben’s Hulk Hogan mustache.
– So Ben ended up being Denise’s Malcolm. Eat your heart out, Adam?

“If I Was Gonna Lose, That’s How I Wanna Lose”

– Sarah’s banter with Dr. Marty reinforces that everyone would love her if they didn’t know her job or her politics.
– I would have liked maybe a little more juice on the discussion around how Tribal ended. It was a big emotional moment, and hearing how what each party witnessed would have been cool.
– Sarah is not bitter at all about how her game ended, which is good considering her stellar game that took her right up to the end. How does Sarah’s compare among Final Juror games in your eyes?