Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – Week 10

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

Of all the episodes … well, we’re short on content again, folks. And while I would have loved more scenes from this episode in particular, I’m not really missing the pre-Tribal strategizing. It obviously went out the window once Jeremy played his advantage. Plus, I feel like I got enough evidence as to why they targeted Jeremy, and I don’t feel like there was a long, drawn-out process of choosing Tyson as the back-up.

No, what I really missed was what happened once they got back from voting out Adam. Was is celebratory? Nonchalant? Were people still bitter from Tribal? Alas, we may never know.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“It Was One Of The Best Experiences Of My Life”

Didn’t get enough family love this episode? Here’s four more minutes. Highlights include:

– One of the Collins kids mugging the camera
– Michele’s awkwardness around children
– Tony constantly referring to his wife as “Babycakes”
– Tyson’s reaction to finally getting to the Loved Ones visit, punctuated by his daughter pouring sand in his hair.

One big takeaway for the game is that Tony is not searching for idols. We know that he has been playing a lower-profile game, but this is the biggest switch from his previous seasons. If Tony can prove adaptable and then turn on the jets at the end, it bodes well for him long-term.

Additionally, the return of Sarah’s husband Wyatt gives me an opportunity to post one of my favorite gifs.

“I’ve Seen Enough Of This Place”

Tyson arrives at the Edge of Extinction and knows that he will need to win a second challenge to re-enter the game. And following that, he’ll need to win Immunity Challenges all the way to the end because no one in their right mind would let him sniff F4, let alone FTC. But if he can do that, Tyson is confident that he will win it all. I’ll admit that it would be a hard story to beat.

Tyson is also hankering for some more peanut butter. It undoubtedly helped him last time. The question here is whether Parvati will let him in on her stash. Is her line “All the boots before me” as indicated by the tape? Or is it actually “Just my friends?”

There’s evidence that it might be the former. If you listen closely as Tyson arrives at the Edge, you’ll hear him razz the gang for not sending him any advantages to buy. Rob tells him that they haven’t had an opportunity since he left, but we know that’s not true. After all, Parvati got her peanut butter thanks to Michele’s four fire tokens. Is it customary to keep all previous advantages hidden from arriving players? Or does this indicate something about the castaway’s relationship specifically with Tyson?

This Week In The Voting Booth

You’ve probably seen this by now. But in case you haven’t, here’s the vote breakdown. Really the only conclusion that you can draw here—without going into wackadoodle conspiracy theories, that is—would be that the majority intended for a vote split but screwed up the execution.

This Week In Cameos

“Sincerely Don’t Know What The Hell I Just Said”

You may have heard that there was a Catan tournament of quarantined Survivors recently. For context: Chelsea (from S39) lost to Tommy (from S39) and got a Cameo from Reem (legend from S38) to dress Tommy down for it. More context for people who do not know: Cameo is an app where you can buy a video message from … well, I think it was intended for celebrities, but it’s really anyone who sells themselves on the platform.

So anyway, this video is great for a dose of salty Reem trying her best with the “nerd-speak” she’s been given. I don’t know what’s better: Reem calling everyone dorks or the obvious glances at the cue cards.