Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – Week 11

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“You’re Not A Bad Person. You’re A Wonderful Person.”

Oh boy, think about what would have happened if this made the episode. Forget Tony’s confessional count–the Edgicers would have lost their minds. Can you imagine?

Let’s get at the crux of this scene. Despite winning with what is widely regarded as a top-tier game, Sarah got criticism from the Game Changers jury and from people out on the Internet. As a result, she was conflicted about returning for this season. Say what you want about her, but can you imagine this cast without her? And on the night after she engineered Tyson’s boot, Sarah feels that the closer she moves to the endgame, the more her mind will revisit how she felt receiving all that backlash.

The term “PTSD” is tossed around here. They keep using that word, and I do not think it means what they think it means. I mean, not to compare traumas, but let’s ask Ben what the professionals have told him about PTSD.

And actually, since we’re talking about it, here’s the bonus bonus scene from Dalton Ross’s EW exclusive:

Still, you can’t erase Sarah’s feelings, and maybe this was a result of targeted harassment on the Internet. She’s clearly out here having a bit of a breakdown, and Kim has to be the one to remind Sarah that everyone on this cast had similar experiences and that the jury is less likely to act the same this time.

There’s a whole lot that you could dig through in this scene if you were looking for meta-game significance. I will take this clip at face value and say that this was an honest conversation between two people taking a break from a very intense game.

“But Man, I Was Wrong”

Do you want more Yul time? Who doesn’t want more Yul time?

This scene is almost three minutes of a check-in with Yul. He first discusses how he was considering raising the white flag, not because the Edge had gotten the best of him but because he could spend the remainder of the game at home with his family. He does not normally get an opportunity to spend two weeks at home with his kids; should he be prioritizing that over his stay at the Edge?

Now, we can take a short interlude for the theorists to spin out the significance of that one sentence. Does that mean that the players were promised they could return home and avoid sequester? Does that mean that only the people who make it to Day 35 will be on the jury? Other questions I have not thought of?

Anyways, back to Yul. He decided to stick it out because he didn’t want his kids to see him as a quitter. And Yul was rewarded for that decision (literally) with the Loved Ones visit two days later.

He has a conversation on the beach with Parvati after a yoga session, and Yul comes to the realization that he had to be completely stripped out of his routines to get better insight into just how much he is blessed and highly favored. He was single the last time he played and did not yet have his family. He went on a pretty intense career path, and when it came time to return for Winners At War, he saw this as a business trip. Yul’s here for the money, not the revelations about life and gratitude. And yet, here he is, having revelations about life and gratitude.

This Week In The Voting Booth

I was wondering if I should even be sharing this one, since we already know how the votes fell and at this point, I would probably just be sharing it out of habit. And then I got to the end of the clip and decided that I had to include it.

This Week In Shitposts

I forgot to include this last week, but the flashback from Yul’s scene gives me a good reason to include it here.