Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – Week 12

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“Now It’s Time To Go”

We’ve discussed how wild it was that we didn’t get to see a midnight idol search after Sophie publicly announced that she was going to the Edge with an idol in her pocket. Here, we see eight bodies sleeping around the fire, but only Ben gets up to idol-hunt.

We know how this story ends, and so there is little narrative drama for the viewer since we know Ben will not find the idol stumbling around in the dark. But this clip is worth the watch to get the flashback at 1:04 where we hear Ben’s quiet, breathy “oh!” when he realizes that an idol is going to be put back into play.

“It’s A Release Of All The Pain”

The morning after Sophie reaches the Edge, she is crying on the beach. Tyson has been voted out four times, so the “sting,” as he puts it, has cauterized his tear ducts shut. But Yul, who like Sophie was voted out for the first time this season, admits that he cried when he first reached the Edge.

This clip is a good reflection on loss and failure and how we as humans process that. But the result of that must be that we pick ourselves up and continue moving forward. And even though we may not reach our goals, our efforts to those ends are validation enough of our capabilities and worthiness.

Sophie is glad to be on the Edge, not because she was voted out but because she has another opportunity to re-enter the game. She hasn’t been sent to Ponderosa yet. And based on what she was able to do in-game, Sophie feels that second opportunity may be all she needs.

It is also worth mentioning Rob’s dad-hustling over to get in on the group hug.

This Week In The Voting Booth

Every week I waver on including the votes in this post, and every week there’s something at the end to make it worth my while. This time it’s Kim with a death stare right down the barrel.