Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – Week 3

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

As you might have noticed, Dakal is not getting a lot of screen time in the proper canon of Season 40. It’s a natural result of not going to Tribal. And unless you’re Tony singing Baby Shark, it’s hard to overcome that inherent narrative barrier. So all of the Dakal content was relegated to the Secret Scenes. Or rather, all of the Secret Scenes were dedicated to Dakal. Which is a shame considering this tweet:

This Week In Secret Scenes

“It’s One Of The Better Meals I’ve Had”

Hi you guys! It’s Tony from the Season 40 test kitchen, and this week we’re making gourmet shark steaks!

Ok, first off, you’ve seen the first minute of this clip. No need to see it again. Especially because it’s the inferior version that does not include Tony singing Baby Shark. The second half makes it clear how big of a catch this was for Dakal. Yes, we know that catching a shark is a bigger deal than catching a dinky little fish. But watching Dakal cook up their shark steaks—which they have in “we need to cook in batches to not crowd the pan” volume—gives a visual to the calorie bonus they are getting.

According to Yul, Dakal is not losing weight. Even though many of the challenges have still been close and decided in the last stage, this could become an easy separator moving forward. And if there is no tribe swap this season, it is interesting to wonder how this game will play out into the merge.

“I’m A Resourceful Guy”

As the title quote suggests, Wendell is resourceful. But he is not speaking figuratively about his gameplay. He is speaking literally about making things from salvaged wood and twine. The entirety of this clip is Wendell making a ring-and-hook game that is very similar to the one Boston Rob made at the other camp—the difference is that Wendell’s appeared to have better craftsmanship.

Is there something deeper to this clip? No. Not unless you want to read into the fact that Kim took a shot head on and landed it while Wendell tried a side-swinging arc and just missed. EDGIC! Really though, this is another good “getting to know them” clips, similar to the Ethan confessional in the bonus post last week.

Wait a second…

“Unless You’re Flying In A Helicopter…”

For another example of Dakal having enough time and calories to do cool stuff, watch this clip. I really don’t have much else to say because this is a visual—not verbal—experience.

*Loud Whooping Noises*

In all other circumstances, this would probably be a boring scene. And you know what, it actually is for the most part. A tribe reads treemail and guesses what the challenge will be. The difference here is Tony. The man can’t even walk into camp like a normal person. God, I love Tony.

“Is This Gonna Make Me Have A Receding Hairline?”

Sarah and Sophie French-braid Tyson’s hair. I do not need to write more.

This Week In Previews

Spoiler alert: everything from here below is part of the upcoming episode. It does not spoiler anything major, but do not watch the clips if you don’t like this sort of thing.

“Dadgummit, Adam!”

Watch this clip for

  • Adam getting flogged by his alliance-mates.
  • Adam mispronouncing “hubris.”
  • Adam demonstrating toxic masculinity by equating humiliation with castration.
  • Adam saying he “pooped his pants” out of fear, presumably because he does not like no-no words.

On second thought, maybe just wait for Wednesday so you don’t have to see this twice.