Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – Week 9

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“If I Lose, That’s Okay”

The bonus content is sparse this week. But at least this video is more than a normal tree mail clip. Tyson explains that he enjoys reward challenge days not just because he doesn’t have to worry about going to Tribal but because you can gain some sort of foothold in the game whether you win or lose.

This is also typically the spot where I pick apart Tyson saying “sour apples” instead of “sour grapes,” but who knows? Maybe that’s the saying in Utah.


See, this is what I’m here for. Just a shade over two minutes, but there’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s dig in.

Within the first ten seconds, it becomes clear that Parvati is the one running the peanut butter hustle here. I feel somewhat bad for Danni as Parvati would have never had gotten the advantage without her. Yet Parvati is the one in control of the coin sale because she touched the advantage first. Parvati and Danni can say that they are making decisions jointly, but at the end of the day, Parvati is the one with custody of the peanut butter. At the same time, information is power, and Danni really should have never shared her hunch with Parvati in the first place (Editor’s note: do we think Danni had seen the original EoE?).

Then Parvati goes to bury the jar. At first, I was ecstatic that Parvati might be playing an underhanded game and keeping the peanut butter for herself. How devious would that be? But then she goes to inform Rob and Ethan. It resulted in the meditation scene at the end, which was pretty delicious in its own right.

The fact that Parvati is burying the peanut butter at all has already sparked discussion. What are her intentions in burying the peanut butter? Who is she trying to exclude, and why? The simplest answer is most likely that Parvati, Ethan, Rob, et al. see Yul and Wendell as the best nourished players who have been on the Edge the shortest–that is, peanut butter is for the folks who have suffered the most. And really, would you want to have to argue with Yul and Wendell about why they don’t deserve peanut butter? Now, is that the best play? Will their secret get out, and will there be fallout? Only time will tell.

There is another moment at the end which I regret to say has the potential to further spark some fiery debate. We get the revelation that the peanut butter was … crunchy.

Now I must speak truthfully on this matter, though it brings me no pleasure to speak ill of some of my fellow Purple Rockers. But those that elect to consume crunchy peanut butter, casting creamy peanut butter aside, commit an affront to all of humanity.

Now hear me: anything that you are smearing peanut butter on should already have a crunchy element. Apples or … blegh … celery? Both naturally crunchy. On toast or a bagel? Should be the same! On a secondary tangent, I stand by my previous statement that the best way to consume a PB&J is on moderately toasted bread, though I have tried the Shirin-recommended technique of griddling it like a grilled cheese—this is also quite good. But great mouth-feel is built upon contrast in textures, and you need creamy peanut butter to achieve this.

Now I know what the bakers out there are thinking: Brad’s peanut butter cookies must be shit. But you’d be wrong! Stop relying on that chunky butter; the key is chopping your own peanuts. That way, you’re achieving a higher degree of control over coarseness and nut density; both are crucial in getting the perfect texture to a peanut butter cookie. You also get two ingredients in your pantry that are more adaptable for more dishes. Creamy is clearly the superior peanut butter!

With that said, I would definitely prefer crunchy peanut butter if I were on the Edge of Extinction. Don’t try to get me to explain that; I contain multitudes!

This Week In The Voting Booth

Seeing who voted for whom is not as necessary this week as it was last week. But we’ve also only got two other videos in this post, so what the hell.

I was FaceTiming my mom directly after the episode aired (not just to talk about Survivor, but it was the first thing I brought up). I was expecting her to share my excitement about how great that Tribal was. Like, I just rewatched the last twenty minutes after watching Drag Race, and it was still fantastic! She told me that she doesn’t like it when they all start whispering, and she wished that she could see who everyone voted for. So even though she won’t be reading this, this one is for people like my mom, I guess.