The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 5 “We Found Our Zombies”

Wow, Lindsey quit! Let’s talk about something else.

This episode has a whole lot of talk about Tony, mostly in an attempt to answer the question “What the hell is Tony doing?” Spoiler alert: The answer is “Everything he can think of, which is a lot.”

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: We Found Our Zombies

We also do our weekly Zero Percent Club entries, and give you an example of the sort of witty responses you can expect if you tweet us @Purplerockpod. You will not be disappointed. And if you are, we will block you. #TeamJohn

We also bring in a guest this week (Diego, from our deep pool of Survivor-savvy internet strangers) to discuss this Survivor article from Vulture about the 10 best strategic moves ever. Mostly, we’re upset that we weren’t consulted to come in and improve the list.

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