The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 9 “Sitting in my spy shack”

No hashtagged chaos this week, as Tony and Woo’s old alliance mates welcome them back (some more willingly than others). Once again Trish shines in the social game, kissing the boo-boo that Tony’s betrayal left on Jefra.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Bag of Tricks

Tony, of course, keeps being Tony. And we finally get an appearance from Tyler Perry’s immunity idol. (For more explanation on the reason it’s called the Tyler Perry idol- if you haven’t gotten enough of one from us- check out this article.) We debate whether Tony will now just coast to the endgame, or if he will be incapable of complacency.

We also answer a WordPress commenter’s question (Thanks, Katrina!), bring in a guest that has been feeding us questions for weeks, and somehow avoid discussing Trish’s comment about Morgan’s boobs.

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