The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia preview

Survivor is almost back! And this time we get to do a cast preview about some players that we’re already familiar with. Will that help us with our predictions at all? No.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cambodia preview

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Time to get ready for the most anticipated season of Survivor of all-time! (Is that true? I feel like it’s true. It’s at least the most anticipated season ever filmed in Cambodia). In this episode, Andy and John discuss their overall anticipation for this season, what we think about new twists added to the game, and discuss each and every one of the twenty former castaways voted back by Survivor. Yes, John managed to talk about 19 people that weren’t Shirin.

Note: in the podcast, we discuss things that have been revealed by the show about the upcoming season through official channels. We have spoiler warnings for this content if you’re concerned about these things. We have no advance knowledge of things not revealed by the show itself.

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