The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur, episode 13- “Let’s make a move”

Get ’em, Twinnie! Natalie finally pulls off the power move she’s been telling us she wanted to do for weeks, and Jon heads to Ponderosa with all the other guys who were not actually getting a winner’s edit. Meanwhile, Keith is still in the game, spitting and preaching the gospel of child abuse.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: San Juan del Sur- episodeĀ 13

Last week, Andy claimed that Natalie’s idea was a terrible one, and that we were seeing Jon’s march to victory. John may or may not mention that fact to Andy as soon and as frequently as possible. We also discuss whether Natalie is now in the pole position to win this season.

We bring in guests this week that fit the Blood vs. Water theme of the season (no, it’s not our wives), and talk about how the season has gone so far, whether we like the gimmick, and what are hopes are for next week’s finale.

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