The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 11

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 10 (Podcast episode 10, Survivor episode 11- they had one week with two episodes)

In this episode we’re down to a final 8 and that means Dan’s Apology School is back in session! And as a proud graduate of Dan’s Apology School, let me apologize for my relentless Shirin bandwagoning this season with all the sincerity of a true Dan apology (read: none).

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Points of interest this week:

So how many votes does Mike get when he wins this game? All of them? Or does someone else get a pity vote?

The bland, vanilla, Wonderbread lump that is Tyler.

How much do the editors hate Dan? Even Jeff Probst won’t let Dan get away with his BS.

And naturally, we devote time to discussing the monkey sex-recounting, bare-assed dishwashing, eff-you-Will hand-raising Queen Shirin.

Listener mail: What would happen if Dan wasn’t an idiot? Did Tyler do the right thing? Is there ageism against female returnees? How will John spend his Wednesday evenings now?

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