Tune in Tonight for a Live Finale Podcast

As you may have heard, we’re going to do this year’s finale podcast a little differently. To discuss this epic season of Survivor, the OG4 of the site – Andy, John, Emily, and Matt will broadcast live via Zoom at 10:30 EST tonight (May 14, 2019). In addition to seeing us talk over each other about Tony et al (well, maybe et al), we’ll also be featuring interactive features like a live chat, text-based Q&A, polls, and end with an open mic Q&A allowing you all a chance to talk with the show (note: you will not be on video. No pressure to get out of your pajamas).

Attend the podcast by going here:

Password: prp


The video and audio will be posted Friday morning as usual. It will be unedited, so apologies for the quality, but we think this will be a fun experiment and accurate reflection of what life is right now.