Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Winners at War Finale – “It All Boils Down to This”

How do you commemorate the end of an epic season and an epic finale? Why, recording the longest podcast ever of course! Join Andy, John, Emma, Matt, our special guests, and whole lot of listeners for our “live” finale podcast and Q&A session. Take all offseason to listen to it if you have to.

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • Holy shit, Tony actually did it.
  • Is Tony the greatest of all-time?
  • How exciting the finale was, including fire-making.
  • How Sarah ranks all-time.
  • Ben giving Sarah permission to vote her out.
  • How scared we were that Natalie was going to win.
  • How well did Natalie do this episode?
  • Is it unfair that Michele got zero votes from the jury?
  • How does Winners at War rank?
  • A whole lot of questions from our listeners. Complete with listener voices!
  • (There are also video cameos)