Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Ghost Island Episode 4 “Trust Your Gut”

Emma joins Andy to discuss the fun fourth episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

NOTICE: Because this podcast is unedited, there may be some curse words throughout. Those listening with younger people around might want to choose not to this time.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ghost Island Episode 4 “Trust Your Gut”

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In this episode, Andy and Emma kick that old robotic, futuristic, George Jetson, crazy joint:

  • How we feel about the episode and the season so far.
  • Michael’s move: was it the right move? What went wrong?
  • Are the old Naviti’s not getting enough credit for their moves this episode?
  • What do we make of the fact that Bradley was given such a bad edit despite his success?
  • Are the original Malolo Malolos doomed now?
  • Kellyn’s decision on Ghost Island.
  • Chris Noble likes himself. How does Emma feel about him?
  • Should Laurel and Donathan go rogue like they seem to be?
  • Who won’t be around next year? (Or next week, same diff).

Thanks for watching along with us!