Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Ghost Island Episode 9 “The Sea Slug Slugger”

Andy and Emma chat live about the ninth episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ghost Island Episode 9 “The Sea Slug Slugger”
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In this episode, Andy and Emma discuss:

  • Angela’s moves this episode and if they changed our opinion of her.
  • How Michael played the situation with Angela.
  • The choice made by Laurel and Donathan to stick with the majority rather than take out Wendell.
  • How delaying risk is not the same thing as avoiding it. But maybe this time it was?
  • How/when do the numbers actually improve for Laurel and Donathan?
  • Will Laurel’s greatest asset in the game so far also keep her from winning it?
  • What if none of this was Laurel and Donathan’s choice to begin with? What if Libby was the one who wouldn’t go with the Malolo plan?
  • The vast difference between the way Libby was discussed by people playing vs how she was presented on the show.
  • It was good that we lost Libby rather than Wendell though, right?

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