Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Heroes vs Villains Watch-Along Episodes 8-10

It’s time to say goodbye to the tribal phase of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains and say hello to the merge. It’s also time to ask a lot of “was this the most [stupid/awesome/funny] thing ever questions.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Heroes vs Villains Watch-Along Episodes 8-10

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Andy and Emma continue the rewatch of perhaps the greatest season in Survivor history. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Sandra’s big move to put Coach on the chopping block.
  • The beginning of the Sandra winner’s edit.
  • The assumption of a women’s alliance.
  • Did JT make the dumbest move ever or is it defensible?
  • Did Parvati make a mistake letting Courtney get voted out?
  • Emma’s love of Courtney.
  • Parvati keeping Russell on a need to know basis.
  • The late merge.
  • Rupert listening to Sandra.
  • Great move at Tribal Council or GREATEST move at Tribal Council?
  • The source of all of JT’s mistakes.
  • The beginnings of Parvati’s loss.

Thanks for watching along with us!