Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Kaoh Rong Episode 13 “With Me or Not With Me”

Rather than spend an hour discussing an old guy’s prostate, we decided to find other things to talk about this week. Hope you don’t mind.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Kaoh Rong episode 13 “With Me or Not With Me”

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Did anything from this episode matter?
  • The poor design of the challenge.
  • Aubry’s perhaps too late realization that Cydney is a threat.
  • The Michele and Tai dalliance.
  • Who each of these people should be targeting at final four.
  • Predictions for the rest of the season, including whether or not it’s a final two.
  • The Under the Radar strategy and why it secretly sucks.
  • Reader questions!

Of course, we always welcome your comments. You can leave a comment here, tweet us (@purplerockpod, @purplerockjohn, @purplerockandy), or email us at purplerockpodcast on gmail. Thanks for listening and/or watching!

Note on our Explicit rating: This is not a particularly explicit podcast, but we do have some in our archives that qualify and we are sometimes more lax in our editing. So to comply with iTunes, we’ve erred on the side of caution and put in that rating. However, we will always warn listeners if a particular podcast is actually explicit before it begins.