Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Philippines Watch-Along Episodes 1-3

Time to begin the next Survivor Watch-Along, in which we watch a previous season of the show and invite you all to watch along with us. This time, we’re discussing the first three episodes Survivor: Philippines. And we have two new hosts to do it with. (Phrasing).

NOTICE: Because this podcast is unedited, there are some curse words throughout. Those listening with younger people around may choose not to this time.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Survivor Philippines episodes 1-3

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Emma and Matt are taking over the podcast to talk about one of their all-time favorite seasons of Survivor. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Ourselves.
  • The elephant in the room.
  • The tragedy that is the Matsing tribe.
  • Malcolm and Denise: Great pair or greatest pair?
  • Why Jeff Kent hates Jonathan Penner.
  • Why you should never promise crazy an alliance.
  • Whether Survivor or being a child star in the ’80s is more difficult.
  • Karma punishing Mike Skupin before society did.
  • Our new segment for this rewatch.

Thanks for watching along with us!