Purple Rock Survivor Podcast Watch-Along: Pearl Islands Episode 10 – “Swimming with Sharks”

So much for our dreams… join the Purple Rock Podcast as we discuss Rupert’s demise in episode 10 of Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Pearl Islands episode 10 – “Swimming with Sharks”

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • How much Rupert, Sandra, and Christa screwed this up this week.
  • How could they have possibly felt this secure?
  • Was Rupert’s exit obvious to new viewers?
  • Burton’s skilled mouth.
  • If our feelings toward Rupert had changed by the time he left.
  • What on earth was Burton doing promising to give Rupert his reward?
  • Weekly discussion: did Lil suck this week?
  • Updog: what’s your “oh shit, that DID happen this year” moment?
  • Spoiler discussion

Reminder: we’re trying to keep the main discussion this season free of spoilers of future events of this season (including who may or may not return for other seasons). If you’d like to discuss future events, do so while using spoiler tags: