Purple Rock Survivor Podcast Watch-Along: Pearl Islands Episode 12 – “Would You Be My Brutus Today?”

Episode 12 of Survivor: Pearl Islands happened and the Purple Rock Podcast discussed it. Hurray!

Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Pearl Islands episode 12 – “Would You Be My Brutus Today?”

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • Re-visiting the decision to vote out Tijuana instead of Burton.
  • Sandra and Christa’s approach to get people on their side.
  • What was up with Burton’s interactions with people?
  • At this exact moment… is Fairplay playing the best game?
  • Weekly discussion: did Lil suck this week?
  • What Christa brought to the season.
  • Updog: Of all the ways you entertain yourself, which thing is your favourite?
  • Spoiler discussion

Reminder: we’re trying to keep the main discussion this season free of spoilers of future events of this season (including who may or may not return for other seasons). If you’d like to discuss future events, do so while using spoiler tags: