Purple Rock Survivor Podcast Watch-Along: Pearl Islands Finale – “Flames and Endurance”

The gang is back to wrap-up Survivor: Pearl Islands with a discussion of the finale, the reunion, and the winner.

Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Pearl Islands episode 14 – “Flames and Endurance”

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • How we felt about the finale.
  • How old finales compare to modern finales.
  • The weird-ass final four challenge.
  • Darrah’s poor play.
  • Why no one would give Lil a final two deal.
  • Why “final two threat Lil” never materialized.
  • The bullshit of holding Lil to the standards of the Boy Scouts of America while trying to play Survivor.
  • Celebrating Sandra and why we love her.
  • Sandra’s final tribal performance.
  • More discussion of why Jonny Fairplay sucks.
  • If we believe that Lil cost herself the win by voting Jon out.
  • Weekly discussion: did Lil suck this week?
  • Reunions are awful and this was no exception.
  • Final thoughts on the season. Does it hold up?
  • Updog: What’s the best holiday gift you’ve ever received?
  • Spoiler discussion: How Sandra’s win compares with others throughout the years.

Reminder: we’re trying to keep the main discussion this season free of spoilers of future events of this season (including who may or may not return for other seasons). If you’d like to discuss future events, do so while using spoiler tags: