Survivor Game Changers Week 4 Predictions and Poll

Time for the fourth week of predictions for the FIFTH episode of the season. Yes, fifth. All the top Survivor tastemakers agree on that score.

Picking one from each tribe this week. Not that predictions will save us this season.

Boot Predictions

Andy: As the episode starts, Hali’s attempted coup and reluctant cooperation will be noted, keeping her on the chopping block. Then Debbie flips out, for Debbie reasons. While we have a healthy skepticism for previews, it’s hard to imagine being around for Debbie flipping out like she does on Brad and Tai like we’ve seen and them to decide “yes, I’d like to trust my game to this person”. Better to get rid of her than try to bend to her will. Hali’s threat is fairly neutralized at this point. Best to cut ties with crazy.

The most likely tribe to go to tribal council is Nuku, with two fifths of their challenge strength comes in the form of Sandra and Varner. Plus, how motivated will they be to keep JT there? Or, more specifically, how motivated will they be to send JT’s dumbass home? VERY.

We’re still on “who will fall victim to Troy’s idol” watch (phrasing). I’m not actually worried that they’ll go to tribal council before the next swap or merge, but were it to happen, I say it’s Cirie now. I’m not happy about that.

John: Four votes in, this season has already broken me. I’m primed to expect the worst now. So what fresh horrors could possibly await us this week? The most devastating possible outcome would be sending Nuku to another tribal council, therefore I assume that’s what is going to happen. And what’s the most devastating potential Nuku boot? Sandra.

So cocky! How unlike her! Quick, hand me some pearls to clutch.

If Tavua ends up at tribal council, they’re not going to dick around. Regardless of whatever challenge boner led to them ending up at tribal council, they’ll be cocksure that they can get Troy out. Unfortunately, Troy has a tool to keep himself safe. He’ll want to take out a member of the majority, but keep the tribe strong to prevent losing more challenges. And that’s Cirie.

The one potentially good outcome this week is a Mana loss. Because if that happens, it’s probably Hali or Debbie going home. And I’d guess Debbie.

Emma: You come at the queen, you best not miss. JT missed. I just don’t see a way out for him. Good at challenges or not, he fucked up and is likely to pay for it.

There’s obviously an argument for Hali, but dear god with those previews please let it be Debbie. I can’t take more than one episode of that screaming.

Who the fucks knows about Tavua? Troy is still likely to play an idol, but we don’t know anything about his relationships on that tribe. Let’s go with Zeke. I bet they avoid tribal council anyway so it shouldn’t matter.

Mark: I’m almost worried to make any predictions after last week, but here it goes. For Nuku, the obvious boot is JT being punished for messing up their game last week. Especially if a vengeful Sandra has anything to say about it.  For the… green tribe… I don’t know. Ozzy again? For Mana, I’m still going to say Hali. Her waffling didn’t do her any favors.

Matt: Mana: Debbie. Can only keep crazy contained for so long and while they are hardly huge fans of Hali, Debbie flying off the proverbial handle will freak the rest of them out enough that they’ll boot her.

Nuku: Oh you better believe its JT. No way JT turns the rest of them against someone else after he got Malcolm voted off. Sandra will enjoy gutting him, boy.

Tavua: Ozzy. Because I still say Troy tries to oust the person he sees as his biggest competition.

Andy John Emma
Mark Matt
First or Second Boot
Aubry Ciera Ciera Ciera Ciera Ciera
Third Out JT Debbie Cirie JT Cirie JT
Fourth Out JT Sandra Sandra  Sandra Varner JT
Mana 5th Boot Debbie Debbie Debbie Hali Debbie question-mark
Nuku 5th Boot JT Sandra JT JT JT question-mark
Tavua 5th Boot Cirie Cirie Zeke Ozzy  Ozzy  question-mark
Score 0-red
Preseason Winner Pick Malcolm Tony
Andrea Malcolm

Time to make your picks. And feel free to track how your personal picks do throughout the year. I won’t make mention of it or anything, but you can still feel good about it.

If Mana goes to tribal council, the following player will go home:

  • Debbie (61% Votes)
  • Hali (32% Votes)
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas (4% Votes)
  • Tai (2% Votes)
  • Brad Culpepper (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 114

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If Nuku goes to tribal council, the following player will go home:

  • JT (71% Votes)
  • Sandra (17% Votes)
  • Jeff Varner (7% Votes)
  • Aubry (4% Votes)
  • Michaela (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 114

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If Tavua goes to tribal council, the following player will go home:

  • Andrea (38% Votes)
  • Ozzy (27% Votes)
  • Cirie (16% Votes)
  • Sarah (8% Votes)
  • Troy (7% Votes)
  • Zeke (5% Votes)

Total Voters: 109

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