Survivor: Island Of The Idols Bonus Content Roundup – Week 9

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Island Of The Idols.

I’ve pulled in the proverbial video traps, and it’s light fishing this week. Two bonus clips and one Ponderosa. You might understand why these posts keep going on hiatus. But seeing as we’ve been a regular post for the past two weeks, let’s push out another post (it’s not like it’s hard to say nothing).

This Week In Secret Scenes

“You Don’t Need Magnesium”

To summarize this scene, Noura tries to make fire. And I think you got everything you needed to from that sentence.

“Rob Comes For The Whole Entire Experience”

This clip starts out like it’s going places, much Rob around the island. And much like Rob’s journey, we reach the peak without much to look at. But should you choose to watch this clip, stick around for Rob scaling a 50+ foot cliff face (Angelina, eat your heart out).

This Week At Ponderosa

[Indiscernible Crosstalk]

Let me be clear: I am not trying to carry water for the Missy and Elizabeth Apologists. But with that said, this Ponderosa only shows Missy and Aaron in a positive light. Their upbeat sibling dynamic is on full display, and the other three jurors comment on how much they enjoy the recent addition to Ponderosa. So make your decision to watch based on that information.

But here are the other notes from this Ponderosa:
– Aaron’s weight loss guess was 0.2 pounds away from the actual mark; go figure that the gym owner knows how nutrition and fitness works.
– Aaron and Missy eat a lot of lobster. A lotta lobster. A lottaster.
– Kellee says that she was rooting for Missy to make it to the end; she wanted to reward Missy’s gameplay with a vote at FTC.
– It is clear that Missy has a burning desire to play this game. Her comments here confirm what we all had thought before the merge: her gameplay skills and passion for Survivor make her a prime returnee candidate. But after all this, who knows…

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you had the intention of making more gifs this season but you keep starting these posts at 8:30PM on a Sunday night and end up just wanting to go to bed so you have to tell the people