Survivor Island of the Idols Week 4 Predictions

Another week, another pair of predictions from everyone. One per tribe. Wait… there will still be two tribes, right?

Staff Predictions


Methinks being the vote split safety valve isn’t going to do a whole lot to make Karishma feel more secure. And her talking in tribal council about being on the outs of a sorority won’t help others feel like she’s a stable alliance mate (the same might apply to the “live tribal” whispers that could’ve disrupted the planned Vince blindside). It’s easy to see the women’s alliance viewing Karishma as a liability not worth preserving. The women’s alliance did it’s job to get them to this point. There’s no need to cling to it just to make a point.

On Vokai, it seems like Noura is going to be the smokescreen vote for the foreseeable future. The person people talk about voting out semi-publicly (just not in front of her, hopefully), before they try to turn the vote to someone else (perhaps the person they were just talking about voting out Noura with). It wasn’t encouraging for Jamal that people met his Dan proposals with “what about Jamal tho?” But, Jamal has also been on the puzzle twice now, suggesting that he’s played a big part of them staying out of tribal council twice and getting the rewards. I’ll say that’s enough for them to decide they don’t need, or like, Dan and get rid of him. Dan might be the only person who is legitimately targeting Noura too. That’s gotta hurt.


Do I need to send you predictions? I already forgot what I said on the pod. I think it was … Karishma? And … Dan? Let’s go with that.


Lairo: Now that the women have enough of a numbers advantage, Karishma will now be only seen as a liability and not a useful ally. Voting her off also allows the women to placate the men into thinking they’re all in this together.

Vokai: I’ll be damned if I stop predicting Noura and then she gets voted off. Gonna let this ride until it stops seeming like a possibility (i.e. the merge, then we’ll see her at the final three)


Not a single person has gotten a prediction correct this season, so I’m going to keep trying this same stupid thing until it works- I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of genius. If Noura‘s tribe loses, she’s gone. If Tom‘s tribe loses, he’s gone.


Lairo: Dean’s character progression from mute to moron to possible showmance can only mean one thing: the ladies continue their dominance and get rid of a problem who is also the least-buff one left to help with challenges. (I think Aaron might still want to work with Missy.) Dean is done.

The Other One: Whoever f’ed up their puzzle dominance. Or Jamal. Because I was almost right last time and I’m sticking to it.


Noura and Karishma. I’m tired of explaining myself. The reasons are the same as they’ve been. (Editor’s note: this is the first time Matt has predicted Karishma).

Andy Brad Emma John
Mark Matt
2nd Boot Noura Tommy Noura Dan Noura Kellee Noura
3rd Boot Karishma Karishma Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron
Lairo 4th Boot Karishma Karishma Karishma Tom Dean Karishma
Vokai 4th Boot Dan Dan Noura Noura Jamal Noura

Your Turn

Time to vote for the next person to go

Who's the next member of Lairo to go?

  • Karishma (45% Votes)
  • Dean (22% Votes)
  • Tom (17% Votes)
  • Chelsea (9% Votes)
  • Elizabeth (3% Votes)
  • Aaron (1% Votes)
  • Elaine (1% Votes)
  • Missy (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 69

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Who is the next member of Vokai to go?

  • Dan (42% Votes)
  • Jamal (25% Votes)
  • Noura (25% Votes)
  • Jason (4% Votes)
  • Jack (1% Votes)
  • Janet (1% Votes)
  • Kellee (0% Votes)
  • Lauren (0% Votes)
  • Tommy (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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