Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Island of the Idols Episode 3 – “Honesty Would Be Chill”

Emma and Brad, doing Emma and Brad things. Like talking about Survivor, I guess.

Note: this YouTube file is audio-only.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Island of the Idols episode 3 – “Honesty Would Be Chill”

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In this episode, our Emma and Brad take you on the following journey:

  • Vince: desperately needing an idol
  • Vince: getting an idol
  • Vince: getting his torched snuffed?
  • Karishma’s lack of integration
  • Karishma’s lack of gameplay
  • Island of the Idols: What the fuck is happening here?
  • Janet: not the best swimmer out there
  • Tommy: Champion of Edgic
  • Advice to our listeners: Career changes, Hunger Games, and…more Canada?
  • Predictions, plugs, and whatnot