Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – Week 2

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

Roleplaying AND some light biting? Kinky.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“A New Perspective On Life”

Let’s start with a positive clip. Remember when, at the beginning of the season, we said that we weren’t particularly excited by what Ethan brought to the game as much as we were excited about the fact that he was just alive and back in the game? Ethan speaks to that here and shares his mindset in coming back to Survivor nearly 20 years later.

This is the kind of clip that makes me wish that each winner got a “where are they now?” spotlight, just to celebrate the cast and the show. Kinda like what Jeopardy did in their Greatest Of All Time contest of champions. Then again, Jeopardy didn’t eliminate someone each week, so it might be harder to get footage in the appropriate chronology without spoiling who goes home each week.

Regardless, great clip. It also happens to include Adam saying “I’m no Ethan Zohn.” You sure aren’t, buddy.

“It Took Me Three Seasons”

Amber caught a fish! It was fairly big too. She was pretty excited. I have nothing else to say. This is the end of the paragraph.

“Everything Tastes So Much Better With Spice”

Dakal (the red tribe) gets back to camp from an immunity win and gets hyped about the Survivor Spice Rack. Watch this clip to see

  • Sarah being ignorant about scallions, cilantro, and rosemary.
  • Kim getting her chef on. Great job knowing to put fresh herbs in after the rice has cooked, not before!
  • Also Kim saying “I’m not like a mega-chef at home, but I cook enough to know somebody could do it wrong.”

If you look closely at the end of the clip, you can also see that the spice kit includes soy sauce and hot sauce, which gives me a perfect opportunity to bring back this picture.

Seriously, what do you think it could mean?

“Let’s Do A Little Roleplaying”

Parvati? Ethan? Roleplaying? Sounds … uh … you know … hot?

But seriously, watch this clip. It’s the whole reason the bonus content post is back this week. And if you were into Parv and Ethan before, you’ll really be into this clip.

As a bonus to the bonus, here’s what Parvati’s mom had to say about it:

Oh, Gale.

This Week In Previews

Spoiler alert: everything from here below is part of the upcoming episode. It does not spoil anything major, but do not watch the clips if you don’t like this sort of thing.

“This Is Not Survivor: Redemption Island

My first question: Did Rob not apply his master carpenter skills—which he put on display last season—to building a shelter for his tribe this season? We definitely saw them working on that in the first episode, right? Why are they all sleeping on the ground?

My second question: Did the editors specifically pull this moment from their footage so that they could get two seconds of Adam talking about a poker game, allowing them to juxtapose his confessional with Rob saying “Your probability of winning is very low?”

Just wondering things out loud here. But I am also laughing out loud because Adam actually said (there’s camera footage!) that “[Rob] needs to adapt and maybe play a little bit more like I am!”

“He Wants To Bite Me, Man!”

Like the previous clip, the best and funniest part comes at the end. Even with Tony singing Baby Shark at the beginning.