The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 11 “Havoc to wreak”

Farewell, Tasha. You’ll be missed. Unfortunately, we don’t spend much time talking about Tasha in this episode other than evaluating her chances if she had stayed in the game.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Havoc to wreak

We break down the reasons behind the Kass/Tony fight, whether Kass and Spencer had the right plan (and how well they executed that plan), and how many of these final five still stand a chance at winning.

We welcome a new guest to the show from the Great White North, and Andy delights in the 2-1 Canadian:American ratio. We discuss the impact that rooting interest has on our enjoyment of the show, and which seasons our enjoyment of the show was affected by our rooting interests. We also explain exactly why we’re so interested in the possibility of seeing Tony in front of the jury.

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