The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Cagayan Episode 12 “Straw that broke the camel’s back”

It’s the Kass episode! Except unlike the “Jefra episode”, we actually discuss Kass for a little while. We pose the important question “Why, Kass? Seriously, why?” and then do our best to answer.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Straw that broke the camel’s back

Of course, we also have to discuss Tony’s latest moves and upcoming move and whether or not we believe they were effective. And we examine whether Spencer’s underdog edit is one for a winner or one for an oh-so-close loser. We also tell the Spencer bandwagon to settle down with their heaping praise for his game; we do no such thing for the Tony bandwagon, because we’re driving that thing.

Then we bring in another new guest, and we ask her to help us evaluate not only Kass’ chances this season, but how Kass would have fared when paired against some previous finalists (and a few non-finalists). Is there anyone Kass could beat? Spoiler: yes.

As always, we welcome your feedback either here or on one of the many other avenues you can reach us (especially Twitter: @purplerockpod). Thanks for listening!

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