Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Island of the Idols Episode 7 – “I Was Born at Night, but Not Last Night”

A very special and interesting discussion on Survivor leads to… this discussion of it.

Note: Due to bringing in a special guest and not wanting the technology to be a barrier, the audio has some issues this week. Apologies.

Note: YouTube file is audio only.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Island of the Idols episode 7 – “I Was Born at Night, but Not Last Night”

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In this episode, Andy, Brad, and special guest Em discuss:

  • General thoughts on the season
  • What it was like to see a frank, open discussion on the challenges of being a woman on Survivor and in life.
  • How we felt about Kellee’s and Janet’s positions.
  • How much of their talking points are undermined by the fact that there actually was a women’s alliance this season?
  • Kellee’s move: was it awesome? Too risky? Too much?
  • Why the hell would Jamal play his idol on Noura?!?
  • Did Janet make the right decision on the Island of the Idols?
  • Missy’s game reads and proposed target.
  • Survivor: Island of the Idols thirst rankings.
  • Advice
  • Predictions
  • A discussion about Rudy.
  • An outro song that is 100% about the person voted out and not about the person we talked about right before it I SWEAR.