Purple Rock Survivor Podcast Watch-Along: Pearl Islands Episode 2 – “To Quit or Not to Quit”

In what is CLEARLY the biggest news of the day, the Purple Rock Podcast is back to discuss the second episode of Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Pearl Islands episode 2 – “To Quit or Not to Quit”

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • How we’re enjoying the re-watch.
  • How great was Sandra at Morgan?
  • How bad has Osten been?
  • Matt’s take on Andrew.
  • Who’s the Drake MVP?
  • Were these tribes poorly divided, or does Morgan just suck?
  • How does Rupert comes off this episode.
  • Have we seen any strategy yet?
  • What we’re enjoying so far.
  • Weekly updog: our crowning athletic achievements.
  • Spoiler discussion.

Reminder: we’re trying to keep the main discussion this season free of spoilers of future events of this season (including who may or may not return for other seasons). If you’d like to discuss future events, do so while using spoiler tags: