Survivor Winners at War Inspirational Posters

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the new cast photos on Entertainment Weekly. If you haven’t, you really need to check them out. The photos, captured by Timothy Kuratek, are truly stunning and easily the best pregame photos ever taken on Survivor (which, to be honest, isn’t that high a bar to clear, as cast photos tend to be awkward as fuck).

Particularly notable are the black and white photos, every one of which makes the subject look like the epic legend they are (or, in some cases, much more epic and legendary than they actually are). If you’re of a particular type with a particular frame of reference, these photos will evoke a famous Nike ad campaign when paired with meaningful quotes. And who is that particular type with that particular frame of reference? Why, Davie Rickenbacker from David vs Goliath of course.

I read that tweet and thought “that would be a great idea for a blog. So great, in fact, that I might even put in the effort to do one”. But then I decided it uncool to take Davie’s idea (even if he never had any intention of using it himself). I generally like to avoid passing off other people’s ideas as my own. But I figured to make one up as a reply to Davie, figuring it could at least amuse him.

Which it did, so much so that he requested I make another, which I did and figured that would be that. But the wheels kept spinning and I figured, why not ask? And since Davie is an awesome dude, he gave me his enthusiastic blessing, and here we are. 20 inspirational posters featuring Survivor winners and some of their most memorable quotes. Share your faves on social media; print them out and put them on your desk; change your desktop background. However you need your inspiration delivered, we got you. (Unless that need is hi res imagery. Then you’re on your own).

Let’s start with a remastered version of the pic that started it all, this time using the actual Timothy Kuratek photo, rather than the pic created by @SurvivorQuotesX.

Fucking inspirational. We can ALL get loud too. What the fuck indeed.

This is the pic requested by Davie. Hits you right in the feels.

None of us are, Natalie. Fucking fierce. Speaking of fierce…

Are you ready to run through a brick wall yet? All these intense looks and bold quotes need is their own soundtrack.

That oughta do it. But it’s important to not overdo it when it comes to musical accompaniment.

Well put, Wendell. You have my…

You might think this would be my new background, but you’d be wrong.

It says so much with so little. Sometimes you don’t need to be the biggest talker to have the most memorable moments.

The best part about these black and white photos is how they capture the very essence of their subject. The goal then, is to complement those images with the very essence of these player’s games.

These are legendary moments from legendary players.

And who can forget the moment a quieter player announced her presence with a flash of inspired charisma previously missing in her edit.

Classic. Do you get it? Because his name is Tai? This is truly when a star was born.

Can’t argue with that. These are some heady thoughts by some of the headier players in the history of the game. They play with their minds. They play with their hearts. They play with their guts. There’s no part of them they won’t use to get ahead.

We have fun here don’t we? We tease because we love (either these players, or our own jokes, you decide). Who’s next?

Moving on.

I mean, he’s not exactly wrong, but there’s no need to complain about it. Right?