Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Game Changers episodes 1 & 2 “The Stakes Have Been Raised”

John and Andy couldn’t let the premiere go unremarked on, so you get two podcasts this week to match the two episodes delivered by Survivor: Game Changers.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Game Changers Episodes 1 & 2 “The Stakes Have Been Raised”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • How it feels to watch your favourite players lose.
  • What went wrong for Ciera and if there was anything she could have done differently.
  • What was Ciera’s biggest highlight in her entire time on Survivor?
  • Was Cirie doomed on Nuku?
  • The whirlwind of emotions that was Sandra vs Tony.
  • The whats and possible whys of Sandra’s new style of gameplay.
  • One last discussion of Tony Vlachos. Would toning it down have helped him? Can a toned down Tony still win Survivor?
  • What was Tony’s biggest highlight in his entire time on Survivor?
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas getting the most passive¬†advantage in Survivor.
  • Is Michaela’s lack of chill a problem?
  • Speed round discussions of everyone else.
  • Predictions for next week based on mostly nothing.

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