Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Island of the Idols Episode 11 – “A Very Simple Plan”

Time for a very simple podcast to tackle a very simple plan.

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Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Island of the Idols episode 11 – “A Very Simple Plan”

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In this episode, Andy and Emma discuss:

  • How much faith we had in the Goat Army heading into tribal council.
  • The Dean of it all.
  • Noura’s entire episode.
  • Why goat uprisings fail.
  • Why Karishma instead of Noura or Elaine?
  • If we forgive Elaine for wasting her idol.
  • Why everyone is down on Tommy’s game.
  • Final Karishma thoughts.
  • An earlier turning point in the game.
  • How we move on to season 40.