Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Island of the Idols Episode 6 – “Suck It Up Buttercup”

Are you ready for a spoooooooky podcast? Well, we hope you’ll still listen to this one anyway.

Note: this YouTube file is audio-only.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Island of the Idols episode 6 – “Suck It Up Buttercup”

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In this episode, Emma and Matt discuss:

  • General thoughts on the season
  • Island of the idols
  • The vote block
  • Throwing Elaine under the bus
  • Did we think Aaron was flipping?
  • Everything tribal council
  • Was Jason the right target?
  • Was Aaron the actual target?
  • A very important conversation about race from two white people
  • Dean and Noura
  • Advice
  • Predictions