Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Island of the Idols Finale – “Mama, Look at Me Now”

Andy and John finish this slog off. For some reason, Andy was feeling feisty. Fair warning.

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Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Island of the Idols episode Finale – “Mama, Look at Me Now”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • How Survivor handled the Dan situation in the reunion.
  • The idol nullifier and the end of Janet’s chances.
  • Tommy, the UTR king.
  •  Is it Survivor malpractice at this point to be unpracticed in the ways of making fire?
  • Final assessment of the island of the idols as a gimmick.
  • If they were to do the gimmick again, which two former Survivors do you think they should bring in as coaches?
  •  Final assessment of this season.
  • Winners at War! How hype?