Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 7 “I Will Destroy You”

Frankly, we’re a little surprised at how excited we were to talk about the seventh episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, given the terrible result.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Millennials vs Gen X episode 7 “I Will Destroy You”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That was so awful!!!!!
  • But, it was kind of AMAZING, wasn’t it?
  • What did Michaela do wrong?
  • Did Jay make a big move or a big mistake?
  • Adam’s smooth post-Tribal game.
  • David telling Zeke about his idol and his increased confidence in the game.
  • Farts.
  • How one of the most diverse casts in recent memory has resulted in one the whitest post-merges in recent memory.
  • Predictions for next week.
  • If the season is already successful enough to merit a sequel.
  • What job would we lie about having if out there.
  • Is there anyone from other competitive reality shows we’d like to see on Survivor.
  • And at about the 59 minute mark, a couple of Gen Xers spend the rest of the podcast talking about our five favourite albums from the 90s. So fair warning, the Survivor talk ends in the first hour. (Plugs come in at around the 77th minute if you want to hear a sharculese shoutout.)

For this season, we hope to do a weekly mailbag segment, so if you have questions for next week, you can comment here, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email.