Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Winners at War Episode 1 – “Greatest of the Greats”

Holy crap was that episode amazing. Andy and John are back to discuss what they thought of the first episode of Survivor: Winner at War. Spoiler: they thought it was amazing.

Note: YouTube file is audio-only

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Winners at War Season Premiere – “Greatest of the Greats”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • What it felt like watching this episode.
  • Season 40 as a celebration of the entire season.
  • Robvati: the Mega Powers unite
  • Modern winners vs old school winners.
  • Seeing Ethan again.
  • The loss of Natalie.
  • Ben the audience surrogate?
  • The potential loss of Kim or Tyson.
  • The actual loss of Amber and its inevitability.
  • Yul Kwon, making moves.
  • Sandra, not a target.
  • Sandra, a machine run on spite.
  • Denise missed a tribal council.
  • How we feel about EoE on this season and going forward.
  • Watching people being great at the things they’re great at.